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FYI: Yes, Clark Street Park has reopened [like a month ago]

It came to my attention how many parents (and kids, of course) still don’t know how our beloved Clark Street Park in the canals reopened in November. I took some photos of what’s new. The equipment there has always been fine, so really just the floor was replaced in the playground section. It’s very squishy squashy. The grassy bay area now has pergolas, picnic tables and a walkway.

Adult Playground & Unsightly Mound Removal [Pacific & Clark Park updates]


All you need to know about Clark Street Park is posted in that image above. Plus the bus needs a steering wheel, the spring duck (I think it was a duck) has been missing for a while and boy does that park need some shade. What can we do with the grassy area by the bay? I always kinda liked how it was open-space, but I guess it can be better utilized.

2015-06-29 20.33.11In the meantime, Pacific Playground is closed for renovations. There used to be a giant ship, but that sank years ago during one of the hurricanes. Folks have obviously been sneaking in to the park, but I’m not telling you to do that. I’m just saying it’s been happening.

Anyway, bids to renovate have been put out and an ‘adult playground’ element will be added. The below image shows an idea of this, which was presented by a resident at one of the park meetings. I love the idea of adults being able to play in a playground too. I’ll post more info on all this as soon as I can. unnamed


Clark Street Park Gossip

I reader who wanted to remain anonymous sent this in:

I took my son to Clark Street Park today.  My husband tells me that there were a few patches of cut up flooring that have been that way for several weeks.  Around 4ish, someone from the city came around to tell us the park was closed.  Apparently a child had tripped in one of the parks (not sure which one) and had broken an arm.  The city decided to repair all parks before another injury.  While I appreciate that they were fixing the park today, a few things come to mind..

Why wasn’t it fixed when the problem was first noticed, instead of putting our children at risk of injury and putting the city on the line for potential lawsuits.  The lady from the city who was evicting us from the park said the crew was in from NJ, so we’re not fixing these things ourselves but hiring outsiders at Sunday rates??  Seems like this could have been handled better, especially given the financial situation of the city.  I apologize, I don’t have many details on this, but thought it might be something you’d want for your blog.

I’m not quite sure how to answer, but didn’t this park go under renovation not too long ago? Would anybody who knows the history of Clark Street Park care to chime in?