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The Point Lookout USCG Station, c. 1909, WWII & Modern Day [Updated with Life Saving Service photos]

Last week I posted a photo of the Long Beach US Coast Guard Station. Now it’s Point Lookouts turn. Sent in by a reader named Kayo:

unnamed(The original Pt. Lookout USCG Station, c. 1909)

unnamed-1(This is the same building c. WWII.  Note the considerable renovations)

unnamed-2This is the present day Pt. Lookout Community Church (Photo credit: Kayo). Interestingly, this building was in place when street grid was laid down.  It encroaches on the sidewalk and is out of alignment with every other building in PL.  They were there first.  The coast Guard rescue boats were kept in a bayfront facility that now houses the PLFD rescue unit.  – Kayo

UPDATE: Here are more photos sent in by a reader named Doug:

Here are two additional photos showing the U.S. Lifesaving Station workers and another shot of the Coast Guard Station in Point Lookout. The Life Saving Service predated the Coast Guard and was in existence from 1848 to 1915. The Coast Guard came into existence when the Revenue Service and USLS joined to form the Coast Guard in 1915.

unnamed-1 unnamed

Long Beach US Coast Guard Station c. 1909 [Long Beach History]

unnamed(Photo credit: US COAT GUARD HISTORIAN’S OFFICE, public domain.)

From Kayo: Here is a rare old one.  The view is northwest from a point roughly NY Avenue a bit south of West Park Avenue.  It shows the Long Beach US Coast Guard Station c. 1909.  It was taken C. 1909 and the station burned down c. 1927.

A careful peek at the left edge of the Station building you will seetwo small arrows.  The closest arrow to the CG building is the roof of Oscar’s Fishing Station which stood there into the 1960’s.  Oscars was on the bay at Pennsylvania Ave.  The other tiny arrow points to the former Flushing Fishing Club building which is on the land on the north side of Reynolds Channel which is part of The Village of Lawrence, NY.

If you stood in the middle of Delaware Ave and looked down the center of the street the FFC building would be aligned with the center of the street on the far shore. The FFC, long abandoned, fell down in the 1960’s.  I was in and around both buildings often as was a lifetime friend who I showed this to and we agree exactly with the locations.