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Arden Designs: Coastal Greeting Cards and Beach Photography

Long time Long Beach resident, Kristie Arden has transformed her love of Long Beach into a growing custom photography business. Arden Designs offers a line of coastal photography and beach inspired greeting cards. “I let the beach compose the pictures for me.” says Kristie, “Natural lighting is the perfect way to let any subject come to life. The early morning and sunset are my favorite times to shoot.”

Arden Designs’ greeting cards are all handmade. The front of each card is a 4×6 photograph; which can be framed.  These works of  ‘mailable’ art are available a The Coffee Nut Cafe (250 East Park Avenue), Earth Arts (162 West Park Avenue) and on her web site: ArdenDesigns.com

Arden Designs will proudly participate in Long Beach’s Arts in the Plaza this summer with a full line of handmade cards, prints and framed coastal creations of Long Beach. Arts in the Plaza begins on May 26th and will run every Saturday in front of City Hall.


[Adjusted Rumor Alert] Gentle Brew Coffee Still Coming to Long Beach, But…..

Gentle Brew Coffee is not taking over Coffee Nut Cafe. REPEAT: Gentle Brew Coffee is not taking over Coffee Nut Cafe.

I hear a lot of rumors. I don’t post 99.9% of them. But when it comes from a extremely reliable source or multiple sources, it makes me think (and post). In the past, I wrote about how Gentle Brew Coffee was going to take over the Coffee Nut Cafe (250 East Park Avenue) lease and move right in. I am now hearing that is no longer the case.

As far as I know, Coffee Nut Cafe will remain open for business @ 250 East Park Avenue, while Gentle Brew takes over the old Krazy Kiwi (151 E Park Ave) spot. This is just west of the Long Beach Cinemas. I was told that Gentle Brew wants to create a “really cool place with a modern/country decor.” It should be open by June, 2012. You can currently purchase Gentle Brew coffee over at the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market.

Four coffee places (Starbucks, Coffee Nut, Gentle Brew & Dunkin Donuts) on Park Avenue? Hmm… Long Beach is starting to look more like Seattle and I am liking it! I’ll dig into this little ‘rumor’ further and will update with more info once I get it.


Rumor Alert: The Coffee Nut Cafe to be sold to Gentle Brew Coffee.

You see their coffee stand at the Farmer’s Market, but that’s not enough for Gentle Brew Coffee, who is allegedly in negotiations to buy out local favorite-The Coffee Nut Cafe (250 East Park Avenue). My source tells me nothing is written in stone yet, so let’s just file this under RUMORS. In the meantime, The Coffee Nut Cafe is still in business, so let’s support them while they’re around.

Speaking of Gentle Brew Coffee, if you don’t mind spending 25 bucks for a pound of beans, try their Kona Roast. It’s amazing! Especially when brewed with a French Press.


(Photo credit: Unknown)