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SBC Commenting Rules (Can’t We All Just Get Along?)

(A classic from XKCD)

SeabytheCity is dedicated to maintaining an interesting and most importantly civil conversation among neighbors.

To better facilitate that ideal, we’ve replaced the chaos that was the old comment system, with a new one that requires users to register through wordpress, or login with an existing google, yahoo or facebook account.  This will help  guarantee all are unique individuals and not anonymously harassing, spamming, trolling, insulting, stirring up controversy, or just being a general nuisance.  In addition we will have all users email and IP addresses captured in case we’d like to follow-up with you about post ideas or info.

The rules

1.  Commenters are your neighbors.  Treat them as such.  Don’t say anything here that you wouldn’t say to your next door neighbor’s face, or wouldn’t want them to overhear.

2.  Any sort of personal attack, insult, derogatory comment, slur, ethnic attack, or obscene comment will be subject to moderation

3.  If you are engaging in activities that seem subversive to the ideal of maintaining a community of neighbors, you are subject to moderation.

4.  And in case it wasn’t clear enough above, one login per user.

We get the idea for most of our posts from user comments and this site would not be the success that it is without its user community.  That said, have fun and we look forward to what you have to say.

And if all that fails, the ban hammer will come out.