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Another Bulletin Board is coming! Banners on W. Beech! (West End Beautification Association!)

The West End Beautification Association was awarded a rebuild grant from National Grid, which will be used for West End beautification! This was part of a larger grant that was presented to 35 local business owners in Long Beach, Island Park, and Atlantic Beach. The ceremony took place yesterday at the the Saloon (1016 W Beech St.Long beach) with City Councilwoman Fran Adelson, City Manger Jack Schnirman, County Legislature Denise Ford, the President of National Grid and other grant recipients.

Mary Ellen from West End Beautification Association tells me that part of the grant was used to purchase the banners that now appear on West Beech Street commercial strip. The other part will be used to purchase a kiosk (see photo below) that will be installed in the bus turnaround, also on West Beech Street. This kiosk will be larger than the one in Kennedy Plaza (4.5 feet square) and have three long panels and one short panel.

The short panel allows for the National Grid sponsorship plaque. It will feature a community bulletin board. where the city can post its weekly summer updates. One of the long panels on this bulletin board will also feature a illustrated map of the West End, highlighting, all of the locations of the businesses crossed referenced by name. It will show where the ATMs are located as well as where to buy beach passes. It will also include illustrations of the Churches (St. Ignatius and People’s Church) as well as the firehouse, West School, Synagogue and the bike lane on Oceanview.

Thanks Mary Ellen for working to get this grant (and contributing to this post!). Big thanks to National Grid too!!

A closer look of the new Bulletin Board at Kennedy Plaza (because you asked for it)

Here is a closer look of the new bulletin board that was installed at Kennedy Plaza by the Long Beach Landmarks Association. I like this bulletin board. I love the historical information it provides as well as the space for events. So I took some better pics of it, for those who haven’t seen it up close yet.

Here it is as a good place to lean some bikes.

photo 6

The Landmark Association Manifesto. You can find out more here: lbila.homestead.com
photo 1

The history of Long Beach is nicely displayed, including the old City Hall, reminding us just how ugly the new City Hall is. photo 5

The unique architecture of Long Beach. What’s missing? Ranch, High Ranch, Split Level, Bungalow, Cape, Colonial, Reynolds Colonial, pre-war brick, horrible 70’s and Fucco.

photo 4

A space for events:photo 3photo 2

In front of City Hall! [A Bulletin Board]

I’m excited because I blogged about these bulletin boards like a year and a half ago (December 9th, 2011: Beautifying Long Beach – Community Bulletin Boards.) Yes, it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

It looks like this bulletin board was put here by the Long Beach Landmarks Association. Instead of the usual display of upcoming events, this board looks like a showcase of Long Beach architecture and history.

bulletin board

Food Trucks by the beach. Could they lead to more vacant storefronts?

The other day I wrote how local-operated food trucks were apparently coming to the beach this summer (read- food Trucks are coming to the Beach this Summer). Newsday posted article on the topic as well (read- Long Beach to allow food stands at the beach). Of course this is Long Beach, so with any plan comes great controversy. While most agree that the beach needs more food options, some feel these beach-side food trucks will hurt our downtowns.

The following was sent in by a concerned LB resident:

With this new proposal, anyone with 20 or 30k to get a food truck can open up shop on the most prized real estate in town and reap the benefits essentially rent free. Why would anyone spend hundreds of thousands (upwards of a million for something like corbin and reynolds) to renovate and equip any of these empty store fronts, then pay 10+ thousand a month in rents and taxes just to compete with gypsies who would now have the advantage of  better location. Most long beach businesses only make money in the summer months. Lucky ones break even in the off season…most lose money. While it is undeniable that most beach goers would welcome these food trucks and they would create a draw to the beach that is greatly needed right now, in the long term it would lead to more and more vacant storefronts.

I’ve been a proponent of food trucks, but this argument is a valid one. Of course, you can say “have great food and you don’t have to worry about it.” But, the convenience factor alone might be enough to hurt our two downtowns.

Keep in mind: we don’t know all the facts on these food trucks just yet. If it’s true that they are coming this summer, maybe there is a way we can at least tell people about other places around town. Perhaps a bulletin board with a food map? A restaurant directory? Allow places to advertise beach delivery service? I’m just throwing a few ideas out there…

New Lamp Fixtures, Boardwalk Bulletin Boards (sort of) and a Deco-Heartbeat


Feeling the blues lately? You should. Thanks to a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, our boardwalk and streets are shining a lot bluer. Every single lamp on the boardwalk has been replaced with a more energy efficient bulb and fixture. Much of the boulevards and main strips across town were given the same treatment as well. They are called white lights, but I see blue. Either way, they’re going to save us some cash. According to the West End Beautification Association:

“The lamp in the induction light burns five times longer than the former high pressure sodium lamps. Night sky watchers will recognize that the new lamps project a white light downward, alleviating intrusive light dispersion and providing a more aesthetically appealing illumination for pedestrians and drivers. (source – West End Beautification Association Update)

The blue light is strikingly different than our traditional yellowish tint. Some people don’t like it; most don’t care or would even notice. Heck, We didn’t pay for this upgrade directly and it will save us money in the long run. No complaining here.


I did a post on Bulletin Boards back in December (Read –  Beautifying Long Beach – Community Bulletin Boards).

My reasoning was simple: We have so many great events going on in this city that nobody knows about. Plus, let’s get the out-of-towners to these events so they can spend their money here. City Manager Jack Schnirman himself told me he loved the bulletin board idea, but the city just has no funds to do it (yet). Council Councilman Mike Fagen told me the same thing.

This weekend, to my surpirse, I noticed these yellow fliers posted down our boardwalk, essentially turning every ticket booth into a makeshift bulletin board! What a great idea! Any way we can get people in Long Beach and visitors to know what’s going on around town is an obvious positive for the city and event coordinators alike. I would smack these fliers right in front of the Allegria Hotel and our LIRR station as well. Let’s get that vistor money! Our local businesses need it.


All of the Decobike kiosks have been given a minor update these past few days: Stickers with lights. WHOA, SOMEBODY BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE!  July 4th the bikes are supposed to come. I won’t believe it until I see it.

Guess who is getting a Community Bulletin Board (Sort of)

I wrote an article a few weeks ago on the idea of bringing Community Bulletin Boards to Long Beach. I will follow up after the new year by trying to turn this idea into a reality, but it looks like one of our neighbors beat us to the punch – only virtually!

The Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce has announced a virtual Community Bulletin Board! Check it out.

Pretty neat, I must say, but we in Long Beach need the real thing. We have way too many decentralized online sources/blogs/facebook groups and we have way too many events! Plus, we need to go after the LIRR crowd ($$$$$$).

Real Community Bulletin Boards are definitely the way to go for us, but kudos to the Point Lookout Chamber of Commerce for experimenting with ways to bring their community together. I hope it’s a success.

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Beautifying Long Beach – Community Bulletin Boards

There’s been a lot of talk lately on beautifying the West End of Long Beach: a points award system, new hydrants, widening curbs, etc. The West End seems to have some great people there who really care about it’s beautification, but what about the rest of Long Beach? For the next few weeks (or months) I’m going to blog some random ideas that I’ve been thinking of that I feel will benefit our community as a whole (north, south, east, west, central). These ideas aren’t terribly original- some were probably discussed already, put on the back burner, or just shot down. If that’s the case, then I’m going to talk about WHY they should be revisited.

In this post I’m going to explore the idea of installing Community Bulletin Boards throughout Long Beach: something that I feel would not only beautify our city by the sea, but also help promote the cultural aspects of it as well.

We have so many events & activities going on in Long Beach all the time; not just during our peak summer months, but year round. For example: this week there are a number of holiday events, charities, and holiday lightings. Who knows when and where they are! We really don’t have a main “posting” board for all these events. Sure, there are a countless number of Facebook groups, each hoping to become THE PLACE where LB residents convene, but it’s so decentralized. Even on this blog, we have an events calendar, but I think the residents would be best served knowing what’s going on if we physically post these events throughout town. Afterall, there are a number of residents that don’t know about this blog or those Facebook groups. I’m sure there are a number of residents that don’t even bother with the internet at all!

Which brings me to the idea of Community Bulletin Boards. Garden City has a good example of what I’m talking about (see right photo). Of course, we would lose the pineapple and maybe paint it nautical blue, but you get the idea. We can scatter these all across Long Beach:

  • @ the LIRR station
  • @ Kennedy Plaza, in front of City Hall
  • Three on the boardwalk (east, west, superblock/allegria area)
  • West End (if you can find the space for one!)
  • South on Park Ave, near Gino’s/5 Guys
  • East End near the Associated market

Of course there would have to be some rules. How do you control what gets posted and for how long?

  • Every event posted has to be something that everybody is invited to. For example: Bernadette over at the Farmer’s Market can remind us that the Market will reopen @ City Hall December 14th. Our Public Library can use the board for the various events they hold. Or we can be reminded of the 3rd Annual Holiday For Heros via flyer that would be posted on the board.
  • No Garage/yard/lawn sales. (sorry folks, it might get out of hand.)
  • No Private Party invites.
  • No ‘Soapbox’ Rants. (sorry politicians, it might get out of hand.) (and no VOTE FOR signs)
  • Can only be posted 2 weeks at the earliest prior to the event.
  • Every Monday the boards are “cleaned out.” If your event expires, it gets pulled that Monday after.
  • New events get refilled on Monday – drop off your flyer at City Hall by a certain time.
  • No individual restaurant/retail sales, but if it’s a city-wide special event like the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Restaurant Week, that’s ok.

Or let’s just see what Garden City does! I’m sure there are situations & rules that I’m not even thinking about. Again, I am just giving a few examples here. I think the cost of these boards would be minimal. You really only need one person to maintain them. They fill and clean them the same day. It’s not rocket science.

Long Beach has so much to offer culturally (Arts & Crafts, Farmer’s Markets, Polar Bear, Fireworks, Parades, Waterfront Warriors, Jazz Fest, Restaurant Weeks, Holiday Lightings, Community Meetings) – Holy Crap, this list can go on forever! People work really hard putting these events together and the best way to repay them is to help promote them. Community Bulletin Boards would do just that. They look nice too!