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LB Community Update. $4667.50 for 16,792 households. I$ thi$ ‘propaganda’ really nece$$ary?

Long Beach has a history of sending out these ‘Community Updates,’ but what are they really besides a photo op for select-elected officials? It turns out it cost us $4667.50. Long Beach has no money. We don’t need to send these out. That money could have been put to better use. Perhaps fixing some broken boardwalk benches at least? My butt hurts sitting on those things!

I just see no difference between this and when an elected official puts their name on a sign. No difference whatsoever. We pay for both.

Community Update for August (President Len, Long Beach International Film Festival, etc.)

The city has sent out the August edition of Community Update. Three items stand out for me:

First of all, Council President Torres, I’m not used to that yet! We were just getting used to Fran as president. The Community Update has a great photo of President Len, with everybody clapping behind him (see photo to the right). It looks like he giving the State of the Union address; very presidential.

Second item: The Long Beach International Film Festival (LBIFF). What is THAT all about? I am intrigued. You can find more info @ longbeachfilm.com. How did they ever get that domain name? I am so surprised somebody in Long Beach, CA didn’t snatch that one up.

This film festival doesn’t come until summer 2013, but I am excited!

I cannot seem to find any contact info on Long beach film’s website, so if anybody who is involved is reading this, please contact me.

Third item: Energy-Efficient lighting Supported By State Grant.

Our city is doing all it can to convince us how great these new lights are. Reason being: These lights aren’t popular. Sure, they were purchased with grant money and will save us a ton of money in electricity, but the complaints range from safety to “I just don’t like their color spectrum.” You can read more about these lights here: City Upgrades to Energy-Efficient Lighting Costs Covered by Community Development Grant.