Project 11561 calls for an additional concession vote. Sounds like a good idea to me because I am worried about what we’re going to end up with.

I can get behind this idea:

The city is currently accepting proposals for this summers concessions on the Long Beach Boardwalk. This snow day had…

Posted by Project 11561 on Friday, February 5, 2016

Concessions by the Sea

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I went to the Phase II boardwalk meeting last year when we talked about possible structures for the boardwalk. The idea for concessions were overwhelmingly pushed by the hundred or so residents that were there. As far as I can remember, not one business owner spoke against the idea. Long Beach now has these new pee/poop/shower stations with concession components with the city asking us about what kind of concessions we’d like to see. I can’t find the link, but it was originally on this page:

‘Good food, not junk’ was the census at last year’s Phase II meeting, so I am so curious about the results of the survey, as well as who’s applying to be a vendor.There is a local preference, but I’m seriously worried some corporate company is going to come in. buy out all the leases and we’ll be stuck with crappy hot dogs and frozen french fries.

How do you folks feel about the added concessions on the boardwalk? What would you like to see as vendors?

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