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The DecoBike Contract [DOCUMENT]

The document speaks for itself: decobike.pdf. Some notable items:


The Initial term of this Agreement shall be for five (5) years, commencing on the date of “Operational Rollout”. The “Operational Rollout” date shall be defined as the earlier of: (a) the first date that access to bicycles in the program is available to the public (excluding any temporary demonstration periods) or; (b) April 1, 2012.

So the five year contract started April 1st, 2012.


 Concessionaire agrees that  any and all Equipment not permanently affixed , must be removed within twelve (12) hours from the issuance of a Hurricane Warning by the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management……….


The City agrees to provide Concessionaire with the following forms of assistance for the program:

1. Banner and link for program on City’s website;
2. Quarterly e-mail blasts to all City employees and others on City e-mail lists during the first contract year following Operational Rollout date;
3. Participation in the Federal Bicycle Commuter Act Employee Reimbursement Program, if possible,
4. In the event of a hurricane, provide a “loading area” (and, if available, a storage area) for Concessionaire to use where Concessionaire can temporarily park trailers or shipping containers to load bicycles (and/or as a point for pick up/drop off of same by Concessionaire);
5. Provide an area sufficient for Concessionaire to use in the event of a hurricane where Concessionaire can temporarily park trailers or shipping containers to store bicycles and/or as a point for pickup/drop off of same by Concessionaire.

There is so much more, but the text is hard to extract from this document and I refuse to purchase the expensive Adobe PDF application, but please view the entire PFD here: decobike.pdf

Clearing Up the Contract Question (Quiksilver, City of Long Beach, and the ASP)

Any conversation about the Quiksilver Pro – beyond discussing the great waves, fun, and parking headache – inevitably brings up the supposed “contract” that exists between the City of Long Beach and Quiksilver.  I myself have discussed the subject before.

I’ve often been asked “is the City locked into a three-year contract?”  Or other formulations of the same question.  Now that I finally have a all the info I can set the record straight once and for all.

The players

Quiksilver – Surf company based out of California

Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) – Governing body for competitive surfing internationally

City of Long Beach – A sandy stretch of paradise an hour from NYC

The Facts

The major surf companies (Quiksilver, Hurley, Billabong) vie to be the title sponsor for the ASP’s World Championship Tour (WCT) events (11 scheduled this year).  Quiksilver (or any of the title sponsors) contracts with the ASP for the rights to a specific location’s event.  Every year, the ASP works to pick the best venues for their so-called “dream tour,” so some years, new locations are added, others are dropped.

Quiksilver landed a three-year contract with the ASP in January of this year to hold an “East Coast” event somewhere during the September window.  Quiksilver then approached Long Beach to host the ASP event.  The City worked with Quiksilver and Quiksilver received a permit, not a contract, to hold the event, which ran from the 1st to the 15th of September.

To summarize, the only contract that exists is between Quiksilver and the ASP for an “East Coast” event.  Quiksilver then worked with Long Beach to receive permitting to hold the event here for this year only.  Please help dispel any rumors to the contrary.

What’s Next

Now, with the success of this year’s event, Quiksilver – and many if not most in Long Beach – are excited about bringing the party back next September.  What will start soon is the back and forth between Quiksilver and the City over permitting for the 2012 event.  The City Manager, Charles Theofan, has promised a more transparent process this year which will work more closely with the residents to make sure everybody’s concerns are dealt with month’s before – not in the days preceding the event.

And now we’re all caught up.