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IMAGINE LONG BEACH [Become Part of the Solution!]

About five weeks ago I mentioned how a community-driven ‘crowdsourced place making” program, would be coming to Long Beach. Well, here is the formal announcement: IMAGINE LONG BEACH is officially live! This is where you, the dreamer, can pitch your ideas and possibly see them come true! This is a unique approach to areas seeking revitalization. Rather than some big developer coming in and dictating what’s going to happen, it’s up to us the residents to decide. You can pitch any idea you want: from a certain type of restaurant you feel Long Beach is lacking, to public art or even an event you’d love to see here.

Visit the IMAGINE LONG BEACH here: imaginelbny.com. Register, login and submit your ideas! If you see an already submitted idea that you like, then LIKE it! If you see something similar, leave your concept in the comments of that page.

What does this all mean? Well, rather than me trying to explain it all, please head over to the actual website and read the ABOUT PAGE.



Get On Board!

A Community-Driven Initiative

The community of Long Beach, NY, has come together in a beautiful way since Superstorm Sandy.  We’ve helped neighbors gut their homes and have attended countless fundraisers to help get local businesses back up and running.  We love our community and want to see it come back, not just the way it was, but better than it has ever been.

It is with this community spirit in mind that we proudly announce the official launch of imaginelbny.com

Imagine Long Beach is a place for people to share their dreams on how to rebuild our city: better, stronger and more vibrant.  It’s a place where we can talk about things that would make Long Beach extra special.

Our voices will be heard if we can demonstrate strong support for solid ideas of which type of stores, shops, amenities and residential options we wish to see built and rebuilt through a comprehensive, triple-bottom-line revitalization effort in our city.

Imagine Long Beach is a place open to ideas, a place for polite and positive dialogue and a place to develop consensus. Collectively, we can show local governments and potential developers the kind of assets we actually want in our city instead of just turning out in opposition to those we don’t want.

Long Beach is OUR home.  Long Beach is OUR community.  Imagine Long Beach is our opportunity to work TOGETHER. Here’s how you can get involved: