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Everything Old is New Again (My Momma said your Momma).

I love this City.  I love that I bought my house with a mortgage I could afford. I love the beach, the Boardwalk, the rumors. I hate taxes but everyone does. I find things funny that others find at times distasteful. The editiors of seabythecity have informed me that if I want to write about politics I best have back up or Big Brother will kick my ass.  I don’t relish an ass kicking. I found the article linked below in my research.  The names change but the fighting doesn’t.

Reminding me of the old song we’d sing to choose sides for kickball, “My mother and your mother were hanging out the clothes.  My mother punched your mother right in the nose. What color blood came out?”

“Green.” delighted the player whose hand was landed upon.

“G-R-E-E-N.” spelled out the Leader.

Then off the players would scramble to their sides.  Let’s call them Democrats and Republicans. They’d play kickball, eventually someone getting the ball in their crotch and he’d run home to Mommy (not saying what team he played on as each week we would switch).

Archived in The New York Times back in 2003.  Reporter Linda Saslow wrote an article that made one think Long Beach was ready and willing to make the political changes so needed.  I just found it interesting as I look back into our City’s past and realize we haven’t changed too much. Maybe if we had a game of kickball on the beach: LINK: New Year in Long Beach.