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Petition: Dog Park on the Beach Experiment!

at The BeachProject 11561 would like to make a section of our public beaches dog friendly during off season months.

We would like to make this a Win, Win for both the City and the dogs and their faithful owners. We as a group have been studying what has worked in other municipalities surrounding us, for example 8th Avenue Dog Beach in Asbury Park, NJ, the Village of Ocean Beach in Fire Island, NY, and Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, CA.

Dog’s on the beach would require a seasonal permit, an additional fee for non-residents, and only dogs current on their tags would be allowed. This will ulitmately increase the registration of dog in the City of Long Beach, NY.

Based on 250 local dogs @ $25 and 50 non-resident dogs @ $75, this could give the city $10,000 additional income which could be used for local animal control and shelters.

Many of us, after an early romp on the beach, grab coffee or breakfast in the business district with our furry friends, thus bringing  in additional revenue.

As a group, we can work with the City to make this a great part of Long Beach. We ask for your support!

SIGN THE PETITION HERE: Long Beach, NY – Dog Park on the Beach Experiment!