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What are the dog rules? We need a dog park. And why is LB so dirty? [Reader Questions]


(dog poop hopscotch game that I suggested many moons ago)

Dog poop. Littering. Topics that we’ve discussed to death on this blog. But this person would also like to ALSO know about dog rules in general and would love a better dog park situation for Long Beach.

Hello Anthony

Firstly, thanks for running the blog.  My wife, dog and I recently moved here from Miami, FL. We find your blog posts interesting, and they help us to get a sense of how many of the residents here view life on this island.  Aside from the off topic rants and verbal abuse that some choose to post, your blog certainly opens the dialogue on many important issues.

I realize that LB is facing a long list of issues with regards to general management, and the redevelopment of the island, esp. post Sandy.  I wouldn’t say this is at the top of my list of issues that need to be addressed, but I’m definitely feeling let down by all the dog rules on LB(NY in general).  I’ve asked a few local dog owners about dog runs, beach access, day-care, etc…, and to be honest I get mixed messages.  From my brief conversations, its doesn’t seem that there is much interest in improving the current state of dog rules.  I turned to your blog, but unfortunately I haven’t found a great deal of dialogue regarding dog rules, or dog issues in general.  We were kinda sold on LB by a dog loving real estate agent that had told us that LB is a dog town filled with lots of dog owners.

We have visited the dog run by the Rec center.  It’s horrible.  My dog will get very dirty there and probably come home with some sort of bug by going there.  We’ve been to the Nickerson beach dog run.  It’s definitely better than the Rec Cntr, but it too was pretty sad the other day.  We’ve been told to go to Atlantic Beach, but we’ve also been told that access is very limited over there. Where?  We live right on the boardwalk, right in Long Beach.  Why can we have access in Atlantic(or do we really?) but not here in central LB?  It can’t just be down to an issue that dog owners don’t pick up after their dogs right?

I am a responsible citizen who does not litter, I recycle, I reuse, and I always pick up after my dog.  Its pretty damn depressing going on daily dog walks. There is garbage along every sidewalk and on every front lawn we pass. I definitely come across dog poop, and even stray dog poop bags left along the way. But the garbage is ridiculous!

I always come across garbage, cigarette butts, and a whole lot of plastic left all over the place. That sure makes me think that no  one here seems to care about keeping a clean front lawn, sidewalk, gutter, street, city, beach, or ocean.  I also get the sense that many like to blame lazy dog owners for not cleaning up after their animals.

Based on the dog restrictions on LB, I have to believe that the people voting around here see it this way.  People can be very lazy and irresponsible.  Irresponsible  dog owners annoy me nearly as much as people who litter do. At least the dog poop will break down naturally and “fertilize” the ground.   Instead of serving me a ticket for having a dog on the beach, why not focus on the issue at hand?  We should be ticketing those who do not properly leash their dogs, or for not having proper poop bags, or for not registering their dogs etc…?  Ticket those who don’t clean up after themselves, and make it harsh.  Let them know that it’ll cost you if you think you can just leave your “crap” out on the street, on someone else’s lawn, on the beach.  Let’s realize that dogs have nothing to do with cigarette butts, empty vodka bottles, plastic and other garbage on our streets, on our beach, and in our ocean.  Simply outlawing dogs in general is no solution.

Since I’m new to the area, maybe I just don’t know the whole story. Either way, I would like to be better educated myself, educate the public as a whole, and hopefully address the issue responsibly so that it can be changed, improved, etc…Do you know of any groups/communities that address dog issues on LB?  Can you open a topic on the blog regarding the dog rules on LB?  Basically, it would be interesting to read from your followers what the general opinions are about the current dog rules.  We moved here to be a part of LB.  We’re hoping to buy or build a home here in the  future, but I must say that its not the most inviting of ideas after I’ve come home from walking the dog, or having walked on the beach which as clean as it is, its sadly still full of too much garbage and plastic.  I would love a clean city, with responsible citizens, and a great standard of living. Don’t we all?