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What are the dog rules? We need a dog park. And why is LB so dirty? [Reader Questions]


(dog poop hopscotch game that I suggested many moons ago)

Dog poop. Littering. Topics that we’ve discussed to death on this blog. But this person would also like to ALSO know about dog rules in general and would love a better dog park situation for Long Beach.

Hello Anthony

Firstly, thanks for running the blog.  My wife, dog and I recently moved here from Miami, FL. We find your blog posts interesting, and they help us to get a sense of how many of the residents here view life on this island.  Aside from the off topic rants and verbal abuse that some choose to post, your blog certainly opens the dialogue on many important issues.

I realize that LB is facing a long list of issues with regards to general management, and the redevelopment of the island, esp. post Sandy.  I wouldn’t say this is at the top of my list of issues that need to be addressed, but I’m definitely feeling let down by all the dog rules on LB(NY in general).  I’ve asked a few local dog owners about dog runs, beach access, day-care, etc…, and to be honest I get mixed messages.  From my brief conversations, its doesn’t seem that there is much interest in improving the current state of dog rules.  I turned to your blog, but unfortunately I haven’t found a great deal of dialogue regarding dog rules, or dog issues in general.  We were kinda sold on LB by a dog loving real estate agent that had told us that LB is a dog town filled with lots of dog owners.

We have visited the dog run by the Rec center.  It’s horrible.  My dog will get very dirty there and probably come home with some sort of bug by going there.  We’ve been to the Nickerson beach dog run.  It’s definitely better than the Rec Cntr, but it too was pretty sad the other day.  We’ve been told to go to Atlantic Beach, but we’ve also been told that access is very limited over there. Where?  We live right on the boardwalk, right in Long Beach.  Why can we have access in Atlantic(or do we really?) but not here in central LB?  It can’t just be down to an issue that dog owners don’t pick up after their dogs right?

I am a responsible citizen who does not litter, I recycle, I reuse, and I always pick up after my dog.  Its pretty damn depressing going on daily dog walks. There is garbage along every sidewalk and on every front lawn we pass. I definitely come across dog poop, and even stray dog poop bags left along the way. But the garbage is ridiculous!

I always come across garbage, cigarette butts, and a whole lot of plastic left all over the place. That sure makes me think that no  one here seems to care about keeping a clean front lawn, sidewalk, gutter, street, city, beach, or ocean.  I also get the sense that many like to blame lazy dog owners for not cleaning up after their animals.

Based on the dog restrictions on LB, I have to believe that the people voting around here see it this way.  People can be very lazy and irresponsible.  Irresponsible  dog owners annoy me nearly as much as people who litter do. At least the dog poop will break down naturally and “fertilize” the ground.   Instead of serving me a ticket for having a dog on the beach, why not focus on the issue at hand?  We should be ticketing those who do not properly leash their dogs, or for not having proper poop bags, or for not registering their dogs etc…?  Ticket those who don’t clean up after themselves, and make it harsh.  Let them know that it’ll cost you if you think you can just leave your “crap” out on the street, on someone else’s lawn, on the beach.  Let’s realize that dogs have nothing to do with cigarette butts, empty vodka bottles, plastic and other garbage on our streets, on our beach, and in our ocean.  Simply outlawing dogs in general is no solution.

Since I’m new to the area, maybe I just don’t know the whole story. Either way, I would like to be better educated myself, educate the public as a whole, and hopefully address the issue responsibly so that it can be changed, improved, etc…Do you know of any groups/communities that address dog issues on LB?  Can you open a topic on the blog regarding the dog rules on LB?  Basically, it would be interesting to read from your followers what the general opinions are about the current dog rules.  We moved here to be a part of LB.  We’re hoping to buy or build a home here in the  future, but I must say that its not the most inviting of ideas after I’ve come home from walking the dog, or having walked on the beach which as clean as it is, its sadly still full of too much garbage and plastic.  I would love a clean city, with responsible citizens, and a great standard of living. Don’t we all?

Bad Drivers, Garbage, Dog Poop

[RANT] Holy cow! I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I cannot believe how bad some of the drivers are here in Long Beach. I am now watching vehicles go through stop signs at full speed. Usually you get a slight slow down, but apparently some drivers just have no time for that anymore. Don’t these people realize Long Beach is a residential area that is densely populated? I really honestly think we should put speed bumps at every interaction where there is a stop sign. Will it scrape the bottom of your car? Too bad, that means you are breaking the law and are not stopping.

The other thing I want to rant about is the amount of garbage that is continuously being dumped all over the place. Just because there is a pile of contracter garbage in front of a house, it doesn’t give you permission to dump your empty coffee cup or smelly dog poop bag on top of it.

Speaking of dog poop: Since we are temporarily without a boardwalk, many folks are using Shore Road & E/W Broadway as a path to walk, jog or ride a bike. Check out the sidewalk on the north side of E. Broadway between Riverside and Long Beach Blvds. There is so much dog poop on that stretch of sidewalk that you have to ‘walk’ as if you’re playing hopscotch (a new LB activity?). Ugh!!! [/RANT]

In other news: Who wants to play Dog Poop Hopscotch with me? It’s fun and great exercise!


City With “No Dog Poop” Signs By The Sea

In continuing with our extensive coverage of the ongoing dog poop left on the sidewalk problem here in Long Beach, I was just wondering what your thoughts are with NO PET WASTE signs. Not the official city signs, I’m talking about the ones you buy and display yourself.

Do they work?

What do dog owners think of them?

What do the innocent dog owners who clean up after their pets think of them?

To those who don’t clean up: Does it make you want to leave more of a mess? (you can be anonymous)

Are these signs mean-spirited? Do they ultimately make the homeowner look like the bad guy?


Dog Poop DNA by the sea?

Joe from Shore Road writes:

“An Ohio apartment complex requires DNA tracking for dogs to crackdown on people who dont clean up after thier dogs…we should do this on shore road. If you go on shore between Lincoln and Monroe on the south side of the street its disgusting”

Joe is referring to this article (read – Apartment complex to require pet DNA in cleanup crackdown), which says:

“the complex is taking extreme measures to get dog owners to clean up after their pets. It’s a new program that would help identify an animals poop by testing for DNA. Dogs would have their mouths swabbed and their DNA put on file.”

What do you folks think?  Should Long Beach adopt a similar law on dealing with our dog poop problem? Or would it be way too complex here? I personally think something needs to be done. Cleaning dog poop off my sidewalk a few times a month has become part of my routine and I am really getting tired of it. It has seriously gotten to the point where I run to my window every time I see somebody walking their dog so I can spy on them, or I give them a dirty looks as we pass each other outside. I realize most dog owners are innocent and do a fine job cleaning up, but it’s just those few who are ruining it for all.

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Poop & Paper (a rant & a mystery)


I’ve lived all over this general area my entire life –  grew up on the South Shore, lived a few years on the North, Manhattan for college, three different towns in Queens and here I am back on Long Island (which I never thought would return to). Long Beach was the only area that could lure me back to the island and I absolutely love it here. Everything about it is great – the beach, boardwalk, restaurants, events & community, etc (you know how great all this stuff is). There is one thing wrong with Long Beach that constantly irks me: People’s lack of respect for their neighbors. I’m obviously not talking about every LB resident, but please hear me out.

Never in my life have I seen an area where people just don’t give a shit about their neighbors. Actually, they do give a shit – they give me dog poop several times a week. At first I thought somebody had it out for me, but walking around town I’ve noticed my property wasn’t the only one that gets soiled. Yep, this town is brown. Poop by the City by the Sea. I have concluded that some people (aka assholes) around here don’t respect their neighbors at all. I have lived in far more dense/suburban areas and NEVER had or saw a problem like this to this extent before. Seriously.

It’s not just dog poop – The Empty Bud Lite Beer Can parade that spans mulitple blocks usually comes to town every few weeks. Or those greasy McDonalds bags that are consistently left in front of my house every two weeks (I can set my watch to it). I have seen people actually throw garbage out of their cars. And we complain why our taxes are so high… somebody has to clean this garbage up.  I never saw so much garbage around a town in my life. I am sorry, but it’s true. Again, I’m not accusing every LB resident for this sloppiness.. I am generalizing here.. but there is an awful amount of garbage on our streets. Geez, have some civic pride for once.

If you can’t see what I’m saying then please do me this favor: Go on a small trip to a similar type of town and see for yourself how much cleaner it is. Go anywhere. You will see.

Dog poop is my biggest issue because it’s just plain disgusting and unsanitary. I don’t blame the dogs, I blame their owners. Come on folks, please respect your neighbors and curb your dogs. Please give a shit by not giving shit.

I write this now knowing that in a few hours I’m going to return home to a nice fresh pile of poop. I cannot wait.


Add this one to the WTF category: Has anybody had their paper recycling picked up by a mysterious pickup truck? This happened to me twice already that I know of; not sequentially, but months apart. I can’t come up with any explaination for this. Mystery truck pulls up, a guy runs out and dumps my recycling (only the paper stuff) into the back of his truck and drives away- ignoring all the other recycling bins on my street. This guy doesn’t look like the type that can hack into my accounts and steal my identity.. no offense mister, if you’re reading this.. I just don’t get it.

Anyways, has this happened to anybody else?