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News12 with some Flipper Photos (Dolphins by the City by the Sea)

Following Seashelly’s ‘Fans Flip for Flipper‘ post comes some photos of these flippers flapping through our waters. On their Facebook group, News12 Long Island posted the photos of these dolphins, which were taken off the coast of Long Beach by Chopper 12 (which also has its own Facebook group).

Anybody else out there with a helicopter and took photos of these amazing mammals? Please submit them!

(These photos are the property of News12 Long Island. If you can get in their site past their signup page, more power to you. )


Wow, Wildlife! (Fans Flip for Flipper)

Sighting card for Marine Life

We have been fortunate this Summer to experience the sightings of healthy dolphin pods frolicking right off our beaches.   Kids at Skudin Surf Camp taking to their surfboards for the first time had a glimpse of what we sometimes forget our Oceans are for. Ocean Life.

Before going out in the water to get a free ride on the back of Flipper. Remember the dolphins are wild.  They aren’t here for entertainment value.  They are just crusin’ by, munching on their dolphin munchies and really have no interest in us.

Want to be proactive in our Marine life?  Here are a few guidelines from the men and women that actually study these magnificent mermaids (and mermen) of the waters.

According to Robert A. DiGiovanni Jr., the Executive Director/Senior Biologist at the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation the Dolphins that we are seeing are Common dolphins, bottlenose, Risso’s dolphins and Harbor porpoises. Sometimes we may catch a glimpse of pilot whales.

During the Winter /Fall months, which unfortunately will be here before you know it, we sometimes have seals that come to sun themselves on our jetties or our beaches. Here’s another list of what not to do.

  • Keep at least 50 yards away.
  • Do not feed the animal.
  • Do not try to interact with the animal.

That includes having a photo op. They are not Kim Kardashian and her clan. How would you feel if you were surrounded by 30 to 50 human beings with their iPhones pointed in your direction while all you want to do is relax for a little bit before heading into the Atlantic again?

The Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation does a wonderful job.  They can always use are help.  So when you see a Dolphin, seal, sea turtle give them a call.  The 24-hours hotline for sightings is 631.369.9829 .  Send the photos you’ve taken (from a distance) with date/time/location to sightings@riverheadfoundation.org

Flipper and his friends will thank us. Sighting cards are available through the Riverhead Foundation for marine research and Preservation or you can email me and I’ll send you the pdf file. SeaShelly@seabythecity.com

Dolphins cruising the Long Island shores

Why am I posting this when it has nothing to do with Long Beach? Well, I am hoping we can send a message to those dolphins that we have better beaches down here on the south shore. Dolphins are smart; maybe they’ll listen. Besides, those rich kids on the north shore always get everything….

This photo that I ‘borrowed’ will give you a better idea on how much more fun those dolphins would have off the coast of Long Beach. We have waves down here. Somebody get those dolphins to a computer and show them Surfer Jim’s surf cam.

Newsday – Dolphins continue cruising Long Island’s North Shore