Restaurant Rumors!!! Don Juans & Peter Luger

I know folks in the real estate industry, so I hear things… Two things that I recently heard are:

  1. Don Juans, the Mexican Restuarant that was once on Old Country Road in Westbury, is coming to a spot somewhere on Park Avenue in Long Beach. Where? I have no idea. Just heard it will be on Park Avenue.  I’m guessing it might be the vacant space in that new shitty looking center that no-longer has Chase Bank.  Don Jauns still has a location in Massapequa, for those who want a preview of whats to come (besides diarrea).
  2. Peter Luger is coming to Island Park and will occupy the former SHOGUN Japanese Restaurant lot, which is right over the soon-to-be-named-Michael Valente Bridge.  Voted ‘Best Steakhouse’ in NY for 26 years in a row, Jimmy Hays could be in for some serious competition.

I am not sure how valid these rumors are, but both would be welcome additions to the area.  I have a personal vendetta against Panchos in Island Park, so any cheap-gringo style mexican food that will compete with Panchos is fine with me. Peter Luger is great if you are a big man and like to smoke cigars. I’m not, but I do like butter, which their steak is drenched in.