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Nosy Neighbor II [Did I just hear gunfire?]

My home is on the Beach side of the City. Two blocks away is the “bay” or Reynolds’s Channel.  Some Sunday mornings I am aroused from my slumber from the sounds of what I originally thought was someone getting an early start on their Holmes on Homes project.

I happened to mention the banging noise last week when watching the football game with a few friends.  Jim looked at me as if I were clueless for a brief moment than went back to the game.  “That’s gunfire”, he said and took a long sip from his beer in its cozy zipper coat.

“What?” I asked quite surprised. “Hunting what?”

“The ducks, the geese, ya know flying things.” His eyes didn’t divert from the big screen.

Now I confess. I’m originally from Woodside and we didn’t hunt. The closest we came was when one of our Dad’s friends went upstate and we were blessed with deer meat that our mother was clueless on how to add to Hamburger Helper.

The crowd roared as Big Blue scored. I gazed out the picture window and reflected on this new information that had percolated my curiosity.

I’ve seen the camo boats gliding slowly through the calm water early mornings when going over the Loop but sometimes I’m not observant and just focusing on the drive and my own destination. The ducks and geese I’ve seen. They’re not that hard to miss as they blanket half of Nickerson Beach on any given day. I just never put the sound and boats together. I’d make a poor detective.

So if you’re interested in hunting ducks there are rules and regulations on Waterfowl and Migratory Game Bird Hunting put out by Department of Environmental Conservation. You’ll need a boat, nontoxic shot and a love for the outdoors. Happy Hunting!