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PSA: Please keep off the dunes and beach grass!!


I’m really surprised when I see parents allowing their kids to sleigh down the dunes & trample all over the beach grass. Don’t they realize they’re making it worse for not only our wildlife, but our protection as well? This is a really serious issue, as one reader tells me:

 “When I was a kid my parents taught me the importance of dune grass, how it captures sediment, stabilizes, and grows the dune.  I was always told to keep out of the dunes because of how sensitive the grass was.

Seriously folks, stay off the dunes. Not to sound like a grumpy old man, but please teach your kids to respect the dunes. Lead by example. Besides, this is Long Beach where all sleighing should be done down the beach boardwalk ramps.

Dune Repair, Dune Walk-Overs, Grass Plantings (Army Corps of Engineers Project Update)

The city just updated the March 19th City Council agenda with plans to move forward with the fed-funded Army Corp of Engineer project. Separate from the boardwalk rebuild, this Army Corp project will answer all your questions on how your house, business and sanity will be safe from future super storms.


Item #8: “City desires to amend the current agreement in order for Coastal  Planning and Engineering to assist the City with a Dune Repair Project, consisting of the  preparation of plans and specifications for dune repair, for the dunes walk-overs and grass planting, as well as assist in the bidding process, construction administration services and acquire permits from the DEC for said projects;”

Now, how high will those dunes be? High enough to make Frank Herbert proud, I hope. Wait, will they block our views? Are they even enough to protect us? Well, incorporated walk-overs tells me that there will be no more “pathways” like what the West End dunes had. Every dune entrance to the beach will most likely  have a walk-over or they will be breached with ease. Remember a few years ago when the City of Long Beach got in trouble by the DEC for widening the paths through the dunes in the West End? I can’t seem to find the article… but yeah, those paths have to go. I think. Right?

We shall find out tomorrow at City Council, 7PM.