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Earthquake Felt in Long Beach! (5.8 centered in VA)

A 5.8-5.9 earthquake hit outside of Washington, D.C. at 1:51 PM.  Shocks were felt here in Long Beach.

Here’s your fourm to comment on the earthquake that was felt all the way up in Long Beach.  Cell service is spotty across the East Coast because everyone is freaking out for no reason.  There are no reports of damage anywhere.

As one reader put it – with all the construction going on, they just figured a truck drove by.

At 2:19 PM, LIRR said:

LIRR train service is unaffected and running on or close to schedule following tremors from a reported earthquake near Washington, D.C.

At 2:26 PM LBPD said:

Earthquake experienced in Long Beach. No reported damage. Do not call police for non emergency earthquake info

City of Long Beach has updated

At approximately 2pm, a 5.9 magnitude earthquake, centered in Virginia, was felt up and down the east coast — including Long Beach.

Please check your home for cracks or structural damage caused by the tremor, and contact an architect or an engineer if you discover anything.

Comment below.  Shimmy shimmy!

I took a look at the NYSea surf cam – not seeing much of a tsunami swell