Historical Photo from the 1950’s: Sea Isle Beach Club

Sent in by Kayo:

Picture was taken c. early 1950s in East Atlantic Beach, View is to the east.

Jetty is on Troy Avenue.  Big white building is the then Sea Isle Beach Club which was  between Trenton and Nevada Avenues, right on the western border of The City of LB.   Had other names as it was seemingly unprofitable no matter what it was named.  Local legend says it was built by bootleggers during prohibition and was a receiving station for the refreshments arriving from sea.

A few years later it was named The Shore Country Club. That’s what it was when it burned to the ground. The blurry white stuff on the roof is big letters saying “Sea Isle”.

Photo credit: Kayo collection

Looking east from the Clayton Ave Jetty in East Atlantic Beach c. 1950

unnamed(Photo credit: Kayo)

Taken c. 1950, looking east from the Clayton Ave Jetty in East Atlantic Beach.  The jetty in the picture is on Troy Avenue.

The huge white building is the Sea Isle Beach Club, aka The Shore Country Club and stood on the beachfront between Nevada Ave, Long Beach and Trenton Ave East Atlantic Beach.  Legend say’s it was an illicit port of entry for bootleg booze during prohibition.  When I was a boy it was open some summers, closed some summers and had several names.  It burned down in the early 1960’s.

The odd little beachfront street between Brookline and Trenton Ave’s (EAB) that still exists was more or less a driveway for the beach club. The little park on Brookline/Nevada was one of the Clubs two parking lots, the other being the entire west side of Trenton from the beach to Beach Street.  -Kayo