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A letter from the Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach

(I just received this in my email. Figured I’d share with you all, since I’ve been covering this whole situation for the past few weeks. Also, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Scoundrels by the Sea! New copies are in print  – Anthony)

Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach Letter

As you have probably heard by now, there will not be a primary for Long Beach City Council, and our candidates Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond can now focus on the November election.

Our opponents attempted to get on the ballot with allegedly forged and fraudulent signatures on their nominating petitions. They also submitted hundreds of signatures by registered Republicans on their Democratic Party petitions, and then brazenly went before the New York State Supreme Court to defend these signatures under oath, with the help of a prominent Nassau County Republican Party attorney. When our opponents recognized that their testimony had placed them in danger of having their case referred to the District Attorney’s office for a criminal investigation, they wisely opted to get out of the race.

Another fatal problem with their failed attempt to run for City Council was their failure to form an official campaign committee, and to file such a committee with the New York State Board of Elections, as required by law. As a result, every dollar they raised and spent was illegal, and devoid of any oversight, accountability, or transparency.

The Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach is proud to support honest, law-abiding, and experienced city council candidates Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond.

Very truly yours,

Darlene Tangney
President, Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach

More on that ‘No Democratic Primary’ stuff [OPINIONS, OF COURSE]

“Nassau Supreme Court Justice James P. McCormack granted the order to invalidate the petition Wednesday after the challenger ticket conceded that for technical reasons, such as incorrect addresses, names and filing dates, they would not have enough signatures to meet the 641-name requirement set by the Nassau County Board of Elections.”

Newsday: Long Beach Dems win suit after challengers concede

It is what it is. I have no comment on the outcome because I didn’t see the signatures, I wasn’t there. I don’t know the facts of this particular case. I do know that if you want to be elected for City Council this November, you will have to earn it. The social media, the blogs, the people are paying attention. You have to convince us that you are the right person for the job. You have to convince us that you want to be on The Long Beach City Council for the benefit of Long Beach, not Nassau County. Not to seek a higher office. Not to hand out patronage jobs. You have to convince us you are the right person for Long Beach AND you have to act on it. This will be a people’s election.

My next article will probably be my Long Beach manifesto and why we need change.

Oh, that article also failed to mention the Green Party candidates of Joey Naham and Allison Blanchette. Here is the updated bracket:

PRESS CONFERENCE on Aug. 16th All Hands Needed for FDNY Member Running for Long Beach City Council

I was asked to share the following:


An Official Communication from the UFA
#44 of 2017 · August 14th

All Hands Needed for FDNY Member
Running for Long Beach City Council

Allow Long Beach residents to choose who is on their ballot, not the Nassau County party boss. Stop Jay Jacobs from trying to void resident signature petitions in court, in an attempt to remove retired UFA member Joe Miccio and his running mates from the ballot.

Please spread the word ASAP to all Long Beach family and friends for turn out!

When: Wednesday, August 16th
Trial begins at 10 AM (pack the courtroom)
Press Conference at 1 PM (outside)

Where: Nassau County Supreme Court
100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola
Trial: Judge James McCormack’s courtroom

Press Conference: South steps of the Supreme Court building at lunch recess (approximately 1:00 PM, when the judge orders recess)


Dem/ Board of Elections Court update [ELECTION 2017]

Sent to me from Joe Miccio:

“First our attorneys asked Judge McCormack, a Nassau County Democrat, to recuse himself for a list of reasons that he himself admitted were true, including the fact that his law clerk has contributed to Chumi Diamond’s campaign, the opposing attorney had formally represented his law clerk, and the judge’s wife works with Scott Mandel. There were other reasons, too, but this alone certainly gives the appearance of impropriety. The judge then said that he will be impartial, which is the reason he is keeping the case.
Then Barbara Bernardino, Runnie Myles and I were served with subpoenas from the opposition to testify tomorrow morning [Friday] before Judge McCormack, regarding the signatures. “


Supplemental material for my earlier LONG BEACH “NEWS” post.

  • UPDATE [opinion, rumors, news –  you decide] from Joe Miccio regarding the petition against LB DEMS and Board of Elections: “As I wrote to you yesterday, Judge Palmeiri recused himself and moved the venue to a Westchester judge. However, I was just informed by our attorney that Judge McCormack, Nassau County, brought it back to NC Supreme Court and is taking the case. He is a Democrat. Suspicious circumstances, we feel, considering that Jay Jacobs’ job is to help Democrat judge candidates get elected. We will be objecting tomorrow and requesting a recusal and venue change. Our attorney says the case begins at 10:30am at NC Supreme Court. Also, George Maragos, a Democrat candidate for County Executive, may be speaking there tomorrow at 10am regarding Jay Jacobs challenges to resident signatures. I spoke with one of his assistants and I’m waiting for a call back to confirm.” 
  • CHECK YOUR WATER CONTAMINATES! Some of you might remember my April Fools post when I made this fake advertisement for Long Beach:Rusty water is a on the minds of many of our residents. Just yesterday the City of Long Beach posted on facebook the following: “The Water Plant continues taking lead samples this week; to date all samples have met safe drinking water standards.”  But that doesn’t suffice with most residents. A reader named Steve sent in the following: ​“I found this sight that lets people find how many Contaminates are in the tap water. [LINK].” I don’t know what most of the info means, but perhaps someone out there does.
  • Check out the listing for 50 West Park Avenue [link]. I love it when these listings show nearby franchises, but not the local tenants who really matter.
  • LOST KEYS! Sent in by a person named Johnathan. if you found his keys, contact me and I will get it to him. “The other day I was jogging on the boardwalk and somehow my expensive pair keys fell out of my pocket.i was wondering if you post on your blog.” Johnathan thinks they might be near the food trucks.
  • Also, this: 

More information on the Supreme Court Case Filed Against LB Candidates & Board of Elections

The following was sent to my by Joe Miccio, who is running for City Council this upcoming election and also one of the named on the following petition, which I am posting in its entirety. The document is a PDF, so you might have better luck viewing it on a computer rather than a mobile phone or table.

Here it is: Supreme Court Challenge Against Signatures

Hello Anthony,

See attached copy of signatures challenge. The original filing includes all the signature sheet copies they are challenging, too, which are not attached (almost an inch thick file). We appeared before Judge Brown at Supreme Court on this past Wednesday, and right after that we saw assistants in Judge Palmeiri’s court room to address procedural matters, because Judge Palmeiri was not in that morning.

We received the word the next evening regarding a recusal and Westchester judge/venue change. The judge recused himself and any other judges from Nassau County due to the conflicts of interest that we raised: both candidates, Mandel & Diamond, signed the challenge, and they work for judges in Nassau County, among other possible conflicts. A judge from Westchester will be coming into NC to handle the case. Next court date is scheduled for August 10 at NC Supreme Court.



PS—John Bendo did not sign the challenge.

John Bendo for Long Beach City Council – Fundraiser information

As you probably have heard by now, I have decided to step up and run for the Long Beach City Council. For years I have been trying to create positive change; fighting for good, open, transparent and accountable government in Long Beach. Rather than continuing to try and affect change from the outside, I am now going to try and do it as a member of the city council.

I need to ask for your help…and to be honest this is the part of doing this that I am not a fan of….to make this happen I need your support. I am having a fundraiser at Sutton Place (124 West Park Ave) on Monday, August 7th from 6 – 9 PM. Please join me there. I would also ask you to encourage your friends and neighbors that want someone who will truly represent their voice on the council to also attend.

Tickets are $80 can be purchased at the door or online at: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bendo4lbfundraiser1

If you can’t come to the fundraiser, you can still support my campaign by going to:  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/bendo4lb

Or a check can be mailed to:

Bendo for Long Beach
44 Maryland Ave
Long Beach, NY 11561

Long Beach Democrats, “Why are you guys being sued?” [OPINION]

Just a small disclaimer here. I’ve known Joe Miccio for years. Joe, who is running for City Council, was named on this petition, where as of now has to make a Supreme Court appearance this Wednesday, August 2nd.  

I asked Joe “Why are you guys being sued?

Hi Anthony,

In response to your question:

In order for candidates to run in the Democratic Primary for Long Beach City Council, 500 signatures are required to be collected from Long Beach residents. Runnie Myles, Joe Miccio, Barbara Bernardino and their volunteer supporters collected almost 1300 signatures. Nassau County Democratic Party boss Jay Jacobs—who lives in Oyster Bay—hired numerous out-of-town signature collectors to flood Long Beach. Just over 1000 signatures were collected for his candidates, not the Long Beach Democratic Committee chosen candidates (Runnie, Joe and Barbara).

Jacobs’ signature collection form enumerated the entire Nassau County Democratic slate running for various offices throughout Nassau County. Buried in the small print, which listed all 33 candidates and 9 alternate committee appointees, were the candidates for Long Beach City Council that Jay Jacobs hand-picked. However, the three LB City Council candidates who were elected at the Nassau County Democratic Convention on May 31st (Runnie, Joe & Barbara) were not listed on the form. In their place were Jay Jacobs’ hand-picked candidates, which is why Runnie, Joe, Barbara and their friends had to collect signatures on their own in a David versus Goliath contest.

Jay Jacobs apparently did not like the results. In response, his preferred candidates (current LB City Councilpersons Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond) and Darlene Tangney (LB School Board Trustee) used the Harris Beach law firm to file a petition in NYS Supreme Court against Runnie, Joe, Barbara and the two Commissioners of the Nassau County Board of Elections, claiming among other things, that the signatures were fraudulent. Interestingly, Harris Beach is the same law firm that is employed by the City of Long Beach and also the Long Beach School District.

I’ve attached the letter I received from the Nassau County Board of Elections confirming that I am a candidate on the September 12th Primary Day ballot (my running mates also received the same letter), the cover sheet that Scott Mandel, Chumi Diamond and Darlene Tangney filed with the Supreme Court against us and the LB residents’ signatures, and one of the signature forms used by Jacobs’ people to collect LB resident signatures. Feel free to post these documents and my entire email for reference regarding the above narrative.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you or your readers have any questions, or if you would like to see the entire one-inch thick court document stack filed by Jay Jacobs’ candidates with the Supreme Court. Thank you for covering such an important matter to all residents of Long Beach!

Joseph A. Miccio
Democratic Candidate for Long Beach City Council
ATTACHMENT: Board of Election Case (PDF)


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Democratic Primary is September 12th. [PRESS RELEASE by the LB DEMS]

I was asked to share the following opinion that was sent to me by the Long Beach Democrats (www.longbeachdems.com)

Nassau County Democratic Party Leader Jay Jacobs, who lives in Oyster Bay, is applying pressure to Long Beach residents who signed petitions for City Council candidates Barbara Bernardino, Joe Miccio, and Runnie Myles.

His hired out-of-towners are calling Long Beach residents and intimidating them; challenging their signatures on petitions for Long Beach’s three locally chosen City Council candidates. What has happened to democracy? Why won’t Jay Jacobs let the voice of Long Beach residents be heard? A primary in September is the only way to stop this outside influence from running our city’s government.

Please share and spread the word! Vote on Primary Day, September 12th. It’s Your City! www.longbeachdems.com

[A quick note: I welcome all candidates and parties to send me their press releases. So if you have something you would like me to post, please contact me]