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It’s Your City! Joe Miccio, Barbara Bernardino & Runnie Myles for Long Beach City Council [PRESS RELEASE]

FOR RELEASE: Sent to me by the Long Beach Democrats:

It’s Your City!

Joe Miccio, Barbara Bernardino & Runnie Myles for Long Beach City Council

Your local neighbors. Beholden to no one.

Put an end to outside influence from County party leaders and the special interests for personal gain practiced by select members of City government.

The Nassau County Party boss recently voided Barbara, Joe and Runnie‘s candidacies—they were independently vetted, voted on and chosen by Long Beach’s 48-member officially elected candidate selection committee—then the boss replaced them with his own picks.

We ask your help by signing our petition so we are permitted to run in the Democratic primary. You can also help by telling all your LB friends and asking them to contact us. Call, text or email them, post on Facebook.  We will stop by with petitions to sign. It’s that simple.

Please don’t sign our competition’s petitions (on green paper), because if you sign both, only your first signature submitted counts. Contact us at: lbdemocratsny@gmail.com

NEWSDAY: Long Beach Democrats divided over city council candidates

As always, please head over to Newsday for the full article:

The city’s Democratic Party is split between the new group and the original Independent Democratic Party, which has aligned with [Jay] Jacobs and Nassau County Democrats.

Jacobs said he is not supporting any of the new candidates and is instead using the Nassau County Democratic Committee’s campaign resources for a ticket led by Long Beach City Council members Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond. He has not committed to a third candidate to replace City Council President Len Torres, who is not seeking re-election. [LINK]

That’s odd. I was told yesterday after I posted my first Election Bracket change how there’s only group of democrat candidates and there will be no primary whatsoever. That’s not what I’m reading in NEWDAY this morning. The whole thing is a mess. Is it about power? You betcha! Is it about Nassau County wanting control over Long Beach?

“This has to be about what’s good for Long Beach.” [LINK]

What’s good for Long Beach or Nassau County? Of course, this is just an opinionated blog. I’m so curious to see how many more changes we will see on this bracket before November comes.



2017 Election Bracket. Subject to Change, since not everything has been confirmed.

Election 2017. There has been a lot of confusion. A lot of texts and private messages. A lot of “I heard this, I think that.” I decided to just make an Election 2017 bracket. This is subject to change, since not all of this is confirmed. Will there be a democratic primary? Who are the Green Party candidates? Are the LB DOMS serious or just high on coffee? Most importantly, will the incumbents seek re-election?

I will update this bracket accordingly. Click on the bracket if you want a larger view.


Democrats announce three candidates. Which dems? Will there be a primary? [developing]

This is extremely confusing.

Yes. It’s just June and the November election is indeed heating up. Along with the possible third slate that I just announced (see- Rumor Alert: The LB DOMS BOARD OF DIRECTORS is considering running their own slate for City Council), it appears that the Long Beach democrats did announced their three candidates last night:

Barbara Bernardino, Ronnie Myles & Joe Miccio

Are these the Independent Democrat Club (IDC) candidates? The New Democratic Committee candidates? I know one is Nassau-led and the other is local. What about the incumbents of Len Torres, Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond? Can somebody please explain this all to me? Not with words, but with charts. I need colorful images because my head hurts thinking about it.

Rumor Alert: The LB DOMS BOARD OF DIRECTORS is considering running their own slate for City Council.

Three seats will be up for grabs this November for Long Beach City Council. It’s just June and already the battle is heating up. Last week we saw the Long Beach Republicans announce their three candidates (see – Did the LB Republicans just announce their candidates for next election?). The incumbent Democrats, on the other hand – things aren’t quite so simple, at least that’s what I got from this LB Herald article:

“Local Democrats are now split between two camps — the Long Beach Democratic Committee and the Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach — and political insiders say that party leaders are trying to avoid a primary but have yet to agree on a slate. [LINK]

So how about an independent slate? I overheard a heated conversation at a local eatery regarding just that. These folks were the LB DOMS, a local group of movers and shakers who seemed quite serious about creating an alternative slate of candidates for City Council:

“We are looking for candidates who are dedicated to creating a quality of life second to none for Long Beach residents. One of our many  goals is for Long Beach to be featured in Money Magazine as the #1 place to live in the USA. We are tired of political hacks and party bosses making decisions that feather their own nests at our expense, while they refuse to repair our broken streets and leave our downtown looking worn and wearing.

It sounds like they mean business. Stay tuned!