Is the fix in? [speculating]

“[Nassau County District Attorney Madeline] Singas said her office is already investigating the payouts and awaiting the outcome of an audit by the state comptroller.” [NEWSDAY]

“[New York State] Comptroller officials said the first audit regarding the payouts will be released this summer…..

After the June 25th Democratic primary?

“A second audit looking at the city’s overall finances is planned by the end of the year. NEWSDAY]

After the November 5th Election?

Head on over to Newsday if ya wanna read the full article: Long Beach City Council OKs $400G bond for retirements

DiNapoli – “Long Beach = Significant Stress” Financially. SBTC = “A new Regime is needed because the current one isn’t working. REmember this in November.”

“[cities] put on the “Significant Stress” list—The City of Long Beach in Nassau County…” [LINK]

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s “Fiscal Stress Monitoring System” put our City by the Sea in the Significant Stress category in his annual report on municipal fiscal stress.

That is a lot of stress. All that stress is giving me way too much stress. I cannot wait until our city is being run by responsible grownups and not children because this blog is terrible with all this bad news. I cannot stress that enough. I am really sorry to those who come here looking for something happy or fun.

I will bring this SIGNIFICANT STRESS news up again in November right before the vote. Tagged: Election 2019

NEWSDAY EDITORIAL: Pricey severance packages among Long Beach’s fiscal woes [A MUST READ FOR ALL LONG BEACH RESIDENTS]


This Newsday Editorial doesn’t appear to be behind a paywall, so please please please please head over and read: Pricey severance packages among Long Beach’s fiscal woes

In a nutshell, this editorial basically spells out reasons why we SHOULD NOT vote to re-elect Anthony Eramo and Chumu Diamond this November, since neither of them appear to care that these payments were made. If they do care, then talk about it to the residents. Show us the math. Do your job as elected officials. They also have not shown any means or plan to solve our current financial crisis [see- Credit agency downgrades Long Beach bond rating]. Yet there is always enough money for new hires [LINK]. (How many assistants does our fake city manager need anyway? )

From the Newsday Editorial:

“And the spending on separation pay that caused the cash crunch, including $108,000 for Jack Schnirman, the former city manager and current Nassau County comptroller, has itself attracted accusations of impropriety.

According to the city code, payouts are limited to 30 percent of unused sick days and 50 unused vacation days, which would have made Schnirman’s payout $55,000. The city and Schnirman say the calculations were done in conformance with a decades-long interpretation of city code. However, the city has yet to produce any legal opinion to justify the larger payouts.

In a city that’s consistently had trouble paying the bills, taxpayers are entitled to an explanation for why such a generous interpretation was applied. The practice needs to be stopped if it’s unlawful, and money might need to be clawed back.”

Separation payments are the main focus. All of my calls and emails to Tom DiNapoli, NY State Comptroller have NOT been answered. Same thing with Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singasl. Zippo. Nada. Nothing. Good thing I am in contact with other people, who are listening (I’ll save that for a future post).

“Even as it struggles with the current budget, Long Beach is considering a 2018-19 spending plan with a potential 12 percent tax increase. ”

My Editorial and Opinion: Long Beach is pricing residents out. If you want to stay here, your only best bet is to either get a job with the city (perhaps so they can buy your vote with a pay raise before election), be politically connected to the powers that be, (or maybe even be really good at sucking you know what $%#%^#).

I am still trying to figure out who the third person will be that I’ll vote for in November. I need to hear what the other candidates have to say. Anissa Moore and Liz Treston are automatically getting my votes. If we can at least get these two in, then with Councilmen John Bendo the good guys will have majority and the real investigations into these questionable payments, finances, etc will begin.

Councilwoman Anissa Moore destroyed the poll the last time she ran in 2015 by getting the most votes. She’ll have strong support this year, especially since she’s running with another party and doesn’t have to deal with the primary circus. Liz Treston (2018 Herald Person of the Year) is quite possibly my favorite person in Long Beach (outside of my family, of course). I would trust her with anything. She truly cares about this community, she’s smart, resourceful and knows how things work. Don’t just take it from me, read what the LB Herald had to say about her: Liz Treston, an advocate for Sandy victims

For a current list of who is running this November, check out my Election Bracket (pending changes based on dropouts, signatures, ballot, primary, etc.).

2019 Election Bracket (March 13th Edition)

Lots of candidates are running for Long Beach City Council this year. To keep track, I decided to replicate what I did last election by making an ‘Election Bracket’. This bracket will evolve: signatures need to be collected for the ballot, there’s a Primary on June 25th, 2019, etc., etc. etc,… Who knows what else, but I’ll update the bracket as we creep toward November.

Just to get everyone up to speed on the 2019 Long Beach City Council election: Three seats are up for grabs this November. The incumbents are Anissa Moore (D), Anthony Eramo (D) and Chumi Diamond (D). The bracket below shows you who else is running with party affiliation. The top two vote-getters get to serve four years while third place serves two.

Just to get everyone up to speed on the 2021 Long Beach City Council election:The third place winner of the 2019 Long Beach Election will be up for re-election in 2021 with John Bendo (D) and Scott Mandel (D.

For now, let’s just concentrate on the 2019 Election. Here is the current bracket. Please let me know if anyone else is running. That includes the Green Party, Write-ins, etc. Don’t forget to CLICK ON THE IMAGE for a larger view.

Please click on image for a larger view

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Karen McInnis, Democrat for Long Beach City Council

New Wave Dems LB: Meet Karen McInnis. Long time resident and longer time strategic financial executive. As our City hovers on the brink of fiscal insolvency, it’s more important than ever to make sure we have a councilperson who knows budgets and HR inside and out. Having helped manage name brand companies and negotiated multi-million dollar deals, Karen is that woman.

Find out more about Karen and New Wave Dems LB by LIKING their Facebook page: