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Meet John Bendo, Democratic Candidate for Long Beach City Council [Election 2017]

My coverage of the 2017 Long Beach election continues. This time it’s John Bendo, Democratic candidate for Long Beach City Council. John’s involvement with Long Beach includes everything, plus the kitchen sink.  He has a lot to say, so enjoy!

Who is John Bendo? Tell us about yourself. 

Husband. Nuclear Engineer. Veteran of the US Navy. Resident of the West End. In my spare time, I’ve something of a history of advocating for, and on behalf of, the residents of Long Beach. I’m also bald, so save on shampoo and haircuts.

President of West End Neighbors Civic Association. In that capacity, I started and continue to organize the ever-popular Movies on the Beach, successfully advocated to have the West End branch of the LB Public Library re-opened after Sandy and fought like hell against iStar’s repeated attempts to fleece residents out of more than $100 million in taxes. Looks like round 3 on that is coming up soon. I’ve regularly attended City Council meetings for years, asking pertinent questions and offering positive suggestions.

I’ve also been a volunteer committee member on several initiatives focused on issues like updating the city’s master plan and allocating $25 million in federal Sandy money to better protect the city against flooding. For the past 7 years, I’ve also been a member of an advisory committee to the US Secretary of Commerce.

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