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Did you know there is an Exotic Car Show this weekend? [Sunday 10am to 6pm]

Did you know there is an Exotic Car Show this weekend? I just found out the other day! Was this even advertised anywhere? Oh, wait it’s the Chamber of Commerce. Maybe that’s why I didn’t hear about it. They need to assign somebody to social networking and PR.]

Well anyway, I actually think this is a cool idea. Especially now before our beach season gets into full gear. Here are some details:

1st Annual Exotic Car Show
Kennedy Plaza, Long Beach, NY
Sunday, April 12th from 10am to 6pm
Website: thelongbeachchamber.com/car-show

I really hope this helps our local businesses out. Come on down to Long Beach, check out some cool cars and shop and eat at one of our many local establishments! Perhaps I’ll even show up with my car: