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The Revolution was Facebooked (Internet Voices Save Quiksilver Pro)

Like the facebook and twitter revolutions during the Arab Spring, late last night, Long Beach had an awakening of its own.  Rumors started that the Quiksilver Pro was completely canceled.  Led by Unsound Surf and a bunch of facebookers, comments spread and a 9am protest was planned.  By 8am this morning, Unsound has said, the voices were heard and the event is fully on – though I’ll want to hear that from the City Manager himself.

Facebook pages, websites, and phone lines connected to the City of Long Beach exploded with angry comments and rage that after dealing with Irene, the City would then do something like this.

Voices were heard quickly – and the response was one of repression!!! (being dramatic).  Whoever admins the City of Long Beach’s facebook page started scrubbing it by 10PM – deleting all mentions of the 100s of posts freaking out about the cancellation.  For that bit of stupidity – deleting comments on a Facebook page that maybe 1000 people ever see – the City should be mocked endlessly.

A few fun comments from Facebook:

I was against this event from the beginning, that being said I think it is lame for the city to cancel this event with less than a week to go. I know they were thinking about re-election when they cancelled, but now they have pretty much guaranteed that they will be voted out!!! Hoo Ray Long Beach!! Fuck the republicans!!!!

I would like to know why the top news story on the citys website is that the beaches are open today , so everyone can come down and buy beach passes, but we can not have a surfing contest because it will bring people to the beach??????

Emmy Tyler Moore I certainly hope it is a rumor that the Quiksilver event is being canceled. This is a loss to the people and businesses of Long Beach and surrounding areas. I hope this is just a rumor and that the city is not that poorly run. It is an embarrassment if this is the case. KEEP THE QUIKSILVER EVENT ON!!!

Kevin Dunckley Are the residents of Long Beach paying to have someone sit around and delete our messages and silence our voices???

Jackie Sharkey I’ve heard from multiple sources that the city is cancelling the surfing event. Please dispel these as baseless rumors. I can’t imagine anyone in the city government could possibly be this short sighted. It would be not only a missed opportunity but an embarrassment for the city and its residents to back out so late in the day.

UnsOund Surf just announced (via their Facebook page) that the contest is back on, in it’s entirety. If this is so, then this town is OFFICIALLY back in my good graces! Seems Long Beach could actually be an old dog with some new tricks. Hope the evolution continues. :))

I think what’s most interesting thing about this whole comical episode (lasting less than 12 hours) was the tone.  On this blog, as well as on several other local news sites, the comments are almost always extremely negative about the Quiksilver Pro.  A poll of the comments on any surfpocalypse post yields dozens of residents fearing the drunks and youths running through the city, the noise, the crowds, and the damage to the parking situation.

Last night though, the internet lit up with the voices of support – that silent majority that actually seems to have been behind this event all along but never got involved in internet vent sessions.

Regardless of your feelings on the event, letting that foul mistress blow through town and then wreck this event would be a big black eye for Long Beach, and not at all fitting with this City’s character.

We’ll update with pictures from the Rally on National.  Build baby Build.