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SUPERBLOCK Strikes Back (Again)

Update 4/26/2012: My more than capable readers have pointed out that I’ve confused the various multi-million dollar cases that the City is on the hook for.  It turns out this is yet another lawsuit that the Habermans have against the City.  This one for $50 million.  My mistake for mixing it up with another real estate boondoggle the City has on the SUPERBLOCK leaving the City on the hook for $26 million.

Back in October I warned that the City may be on the hook for more than $26 million because of years of SUPERBLOCK mismanagement.  I then received a scathing letter from our zany then-City Manager Charles Theofan basically claiming I was wrong on all counts.  He said I “didn’t get the story right,” even though he did not point out a single area where I was factually incorrect.

I guess I’ll have to apologize now, because it turns out I was wrong.  The City is not liable for $26 million, but instead a recent appeals court decision says the City is liable for $50 million.  It appears the former administration was not “successfully resolving serious problems,” but has left yet another turd for this beleaguered City to deal with.

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