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The Bridge (Isn’t that thing Paid for Yet)

Depending on what blogger you follow, our city is either sprinkled with a few speckles of mud or in a over flowing mosh pit in regards to our financial state. If you follow my Nosy Neighbor postings, you all know how curious I am about my observations about town. So when I found myself stuck at the Atlantic Beach Bridge in the bleacher seat, that would be near the toll booth and not actually on the bridge where you can take a breath or two and appreciate the water or envy the yacht they’ve opened the bridge for, I noticed a sign in the toll taker’s window for Inwood golf. I thought perhaps they were having a fundraising event because why would the Atlantic Beach Bridge put up signs?

Then my keen Spidery sense heightened and I noticed more signs.  The thing that goes up and down, yes it has a name but it’s hot and I’m having a Senior moment also had signage for a local realtor.  Hmmmmm.

Welcome to “How Not to Raise the Tolls”.  Really.

There’s actually a company that works for different municipalities around the country assisting in uniting advertisers with blank canvases.  The canvas happens to be roadway areas.  Ingenious!!

http://www.travelersmarketing.com/statepartners.html states

With budgets stretched to the limit, your state roadway agency has to make a lot of tough decisions. Well, here’s an easy one. What if you could take the assets you already have–like Safety Service Patrols, toll plazas, rest areas and bridges–and generate new sources of revenue without raising tolls?

Their web site indicates they are partnered at state and fed levels including our Nassau County Bridge Authority, NJ DOT, PA Turnpike Commission and a host of others.

So as I sat behind the mini van with the ever-annoying growing stick figures of the family and pets (another ingenious idea I didn’t think of) I remembered Anthony’s articles on how to make revenue for our City. The discreet flags on the Boardwalk lights make some revenue for the City but let’s think BIG!

I’ve yet to see the blimp this year so Snoopy maybe in financial woes as well.

I say sell our beach front rooftops for a tax break (insert sarcasm) as the helicopters pass over to Southampton and beyond advertising whatever would attract the see-er of said advertisement to the advertisee and we wouldn’t see it so few would complain. Hey I maybe on to something, someone trademark this for me!

NEWSDAY: Jack is saving us $$$$ (Opinion: The New Gang is Listening and Talking)

[Jack] Schnirman sent a memo to the city’s department heads last Wednesday asking each to cut 25 percent in nonsalary lines from what remains of their current fiscal year budget — and to do it by the following day. The city’s fiscal year ends June 30.

“If you cannot reach your targets, I will instruct the comptroller to reduce your department’s budget to meet the target,” the memo read.

Head over to Newsday and read the rest of the article :  Long Beach dept. heads cut nonsalary costs.

Of course not everybody believes that our city is doing enough or anything at all. There are also those who think Long Beach isn’t in a fiscal crisis in the first place [Head over to the LB Patch Blogs if you don’t know what I’m talking about]. I am not going to argue that issue with anybody because it’s all a matter of opinion that does nothing, but make people fight like a bunch of little kids in a school playground.

I will say this: I feel that The New Gang is doing an excellent job communicating with us residents directly and through the media. You can call it ‘political propaganda’, but I don’t recall the last administration even putting once ounce of effort in communicating with us – besides those tainted LB City Beats. The New Gang wants our feedback; they are meeting with us and are encouraging resident participation (Long Beach Listens &  Citizen Budget Advisory Commission). To me, that means a lot. It makes me feel like I have some power and a voice. I like that.



BLOOMBERG: N.Y.’s DiNapoli Audits Long Beach Amid City’s Fiscal Crisis [LB IN THE NEWS]

This one goes out to the ones who believe we have a fiscal crisis and to those who don’t. Bloomberg reports on Long Beach and $$$$:

New York (STONY1) state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is conducting an audit of Long Beach (9309MF), the Long Island city whose credit rating was cut five levels in December.

…..The City Council declared a fiscal crisis last month after a 66 percent increase in overtime and a $500,000 payout to a retiring police commissioner forced officials to tap the bond market for $4.25 million in December. Long Beach is facing a $10.3 million deficit, about 12 percent of its $83 million budget, by the end of its fiscal year June 30. It may need to borrow again before then, Schnirman said in a March 19 interview.

There is plenty of more where that came from. Read: N.Y.’s DiNapoli Audits Long Beach Amid City’s Fiscal Crisis

Donuts, Donuts for Sale!

Yummmmm, Donuts.

While our City appears to be crumbling from an inherited fiscal mess or a recent debacle as answers don’t seem to be coming forth too soon. I remind you all of a simpler time.

A while back there was a big hub-ba-loo about Dunkin’ Donuts sneaking into the West End to derail the quality of life by taking over the run down West End Beverage Shoppe.  WENCA and a petition bought dreams of sweetness to a stalemate (get it, stale!)

To the naysayers of doughy fried goodness. Dreams of Boston Crème with a hot cup of java maybe within a contractor’s vision at 891 West Beech Street.

For the directionally challenged it’s right next to the women’s clothing store (also renovating) Rose& Eye on Beech between Wyoming Ave. and Alabama Street.

So check that City Council agenda, you ever know what one will learn!

Resolution Authorizing Publication of a Notice of Public Hearing of an Application to Waive the Off-Street Parking Requirements for Premises: 891 West Beech Street (street floor), Long Beach, New York.

Re: Donut/Coffee Shop

AP Loves Long Beach (But, mostly just our fiscal crisis)

Normally the Associated Press only takes an interest in Long Beach when we get hit by a hurricane or are struck by a comically exaggerated gang fight. But no longer. Those keen news hawks over at the AP have caught on to what we here have been writing about for months, and was then was picked up by the Long Island Herald, Newsday, Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg. Newsflash, Long Beach is broke, and the New Gang are attempting to do something about it.

Will they succeed? Will they fail? Will they make Hawaiian shirts mandatory on Fridays? Only time will tell.

I’ve included the brief newswire below:

Popular Long Island city grapples with fiscal woes

Associated Press

LONG BEACH, N.Y. — The city of Long Beach on Long Island is considering a proposal to declare a fiscal emergency.

The matter had been on the agenda at Tuesday night’s meeting of the city council. City spokesman Gordon Tepper says it was tabled until Feb. 7.

He says city officials want to study the legal language in the proposal before voting. He says the city is struggling with a fiscal crisis and faces a $48 million debt. Moody’s downgraded the city to a credit rating of just above junk bond status.

Officials say plans call for a curb on overtime and improved accountability.

The city on Long Island’s south shore is a popular destination during summer months. Last year, it played host to the first professional surfing tournament ever held in New York.

—Copyright 2012 Associated Press