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Should we be required by law to bag all our trash? What stricter garbage laws should LB adapt?

The following image was sent in by resident Richard Boodman, who adds:

A NO BRAINER FOR LB RESIDENTS AND BUSINESS. LET’S HEAR FROM YOUR RANTERS. Don’t forget to remind them to tie the bags.unnamed

That Richard Boodman has a point. There is way too much garbage blowing in the wind these days. How much of that ends up in our ocean or bay? I would love for our city to enforce stricter garbage laws. Discuss…

(Oh and don’t forget to tie your bags)

My Most Absolute Favorite Thing In Long Beach: A Chain Around A Stump


Gracing the sidewalk over at W. Park Avenue near Magnolia Boulevard is the most deceiving, bulletproof and badass way to protect garbage pail from being stolen (see self-explanatory image above). This is a warning to anybody who tries to steal that garbage pail: Don’t let the chain around the stump fool you; once it’s lifted over, a wire is then triggered which releases a giant anvil that is right above your head. You will be crushed Wile E. Coyote-style, reducing you into merely a stump (no pun intended).

In other news: I was recently in the Rockaways checking out their post-Sandy recovery efforts. They are getting some really nice looking garbage and recycling pails (image below). I like these because they are colorful, plus birds can’t really get inside them! These pails are bolted down with access is on the side via doors. They look like they can last a long time too! Smart investment!


Not in the Rockaways, but here is another really cool Garbage/Recycling idea. In the name of beautification, even the look of garbage pails count!!! These can be purchased here:  bigbellysolar.com/solutions/stations/smartbelly/