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Post-Sandy Vegetable Gardens

A reader named Joni writes:

“I am a gardener and a friend of mine told me that a health department official told her it was not safe to plant vegetable gardens this spring because the flood from Sandy left behind contaminated soil in Long Beach and Island Park.

I tried to research it but found nothing. I thought maybe you could see if anyone else knows about this…..”

We personally called the Nassau County Cornell Cooperative Extension and they said they don’t know what is in the soil because they have’t tested it yet. Besides salt, there could be anything from heating oil, sewage, etc. They said the safest thing to do is to use pots for anything you eat.

Joni adds:  “I think another solution would be the raised bed or square foot gardening. Square foot gardening is the practice of planning and creating small but intensively planted gardens. It uses only garden soil that you mix and it doesn’t matter what kind of soil you have.  Check out this video I found on Square foot gardens. http://youtu.be/N5Lu-7FIj_g.”

If anybody has additional information on the soil, please let us know. What do you all plan on doing with your veggie garden?