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#CrashNotAccident 11/15/15 Event

12235651_10207866211394582_1394043398_oWorld Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims is Sunday November 15, 2015. Long Beach Streets NY alongside partnering organizations & civic groups will be wrapping  ribbons at over 2 dozen locations of traffic fatalities in Long Beach and Lido this weekend.
Please  join us this Sunday, November 15th at 9:00am at Gentle Brew Coffee where we will lead a walk & bike ride to locations East and West (two groups).
This will mark the  launching of a campaign #CrashNOTAccident. We need our elected leaders and officials to take the lead in culture change starting now – pledge to stop using the word “accident” to describe preventable tragedies. #CrashNotAccident is about changing language and perception that these things are unavoidable.
You can read more about the #CrashNotAccident campaign on LongBeachStreetsNY.com or via crashnotaccident.com.

Arts & Crafts Festival, NYSEA, Coffee [A Busy Weekend in Long Beach]

The Arts and Crafts Festival @ Riverside Boardwalk is happening this weekend. 9pm to 6pm both Saturday & Sunday. Over 300 vendors and many local ones, including Get BeautifiedArdenDesigns.

NYSEA: NY Surf week is still going on, although the waves are looking kinda small and choppy, so who knows if any competition will happen Saturday or Sunday. Still, lots of fun stuff happening, so check out NYSEA online for more info and schedule: www.nysea.com/nysurfweek

Coffee: Newsday Reports that Gentle Brew (151 E. Park Ave) is FINALLY opening Saturday, July 14th: Gentle Brew moves to Long Beach:

[quote]The new shop has pastries, seats, regular hours. (5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekends). Coffee is still the main event, though, with everything roasted on the premises. In addition to pulled espresso drinks, you can have your joe dripped, auto-dripped or cold brewed.[/quote]


[Adjusted Rumor Alert] Gentle Brew Coffee Still Coming to Long Beach, But…..

Gentle Brew Coffee is not taking over Coffee Nut Cafe. REPEAT: Gentle Brew Coffee is not taking over Coffee Nut Cafe.

I hear a lot of rumors. I don’t post 99.9% of them. But when it comes from a extremely reliable source or multiple sources, it makes me think (and post). In the past, I wrote about how Gentle Brew Coffee was going to take over the Coffee Nut Cafe (250 East Park Avenue) lease and move right in. I am now hearing that is no longer the case.

As far as I know, Coffee Nut Cafe will remain open for business @ 250 East Park Avenue, while Gentle Brew takes over the old Krazy Kiwi (151 E Park Ave) spot. This is just west of the Long Beach Cinemas. I was told that Gentle Brew wants to create a “really cool place with a modern/country decor.” It should be open by June, 2012. You can currently purchase Gentle Brew coffee over at the Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market.

Four coffee places (Starbucks, Coffee Nut, Gentle Brew & Dunkin Donuts) on Park Avenue? Hmm… Long Beach is starting to look more like Seattle and I am liking it! I’ll dig into this little ‘rumor’ further and will update with more info once I get it.


Rumor Alert: The Coffee Nut Cafe to be sold to Gentle Brew Coffee.

You see their coffee stand at the Farmer’s Market, but that’s not enough for Gentle Brew Coffee, who is allegedly in negotiations to buy out local favorite-The Coffee Nut Cafe (250 East Park Avenue). My source tells me nothing is written in stone yet, so let’s just file this under RUMORS. In the meantime, The Coffee Nut Cafe is still in business, so let’s support them while they’re around.

Speaking of Gentle Brew Coffee, if you don’t mind spending 25 bucks for a pound of beans, try their Kona Roast. It’s amazing! Especially when brewed with a French Press.


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