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Kite Buggying in Long Beach (Sailing on Sand)

I just came across a bunch of Kite Buggy videos that were shot in Long Beach. I contacted Mike, who filmed and starred in them and got permission to share. Mike says “It’s [Kite Buggying] a great way to have some fun with friends, get some exercise, and commune with nature.” I just think it’s awesome because it’s sailing on sand! Wind Power! If I lived on Tatooine, this would be my primary form of transportation. (Yes, Star Wars nerds, there is wind on Tatooine).

For those who are wondering what it’s like to Kite Buggy, check out the first person perspective Mike filmed via GoPro cam:

In this second video, Mike wrote that he clocked a top speed of 25mph, which was measured with by a handheld GPS.

Mike invited me to try it out sometime and I might take him up on it. In the meantime, head over to his youtube channel for more ‘Kite Buggy in LB’ videos!

GoPro Guerrilla Jump Update

(Photo credit T Glaser, Quiksilver Pro)

UPDATE 9/20: Blotter photo included

UPDATE 9/12: I’ve confirmed the jumpers’ names and added more photos

I found this photo over at the Quiksilver Pro website.  What an unbelievable view of Long Beach, the crowd, and – oh yea – two nut jobs jumping out of a helicopter with GoPro parachutes.

So with some digging (alright it wasn’t hard at all) I’ve found out these guys are part of the GoPro Bomb Squad and put up some awesome shots of their jump. Neil Amonson and Marshall Miller are both pro skydivers and have similar photos from tons of events online, and further demonstrate that their landing area was well picked to avoid landing feet first on an unsuspecting child.

Also, they were both charged with Reckless Endangerment in the  2nd degree.





 (Photo credit: GoPro Bomb Squard)

And because so many have requested it, I’ve taken a quick screen grab of the police blotter.  The LBPD is funny this way.  They have one of the most antiquated websites around, but post much of their blotter to twitter and facebook.