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Work being done at Granada Towers. Ahh the rumors. Don’t fear the rumors. [UPDATED]

granadaReader comment on facebook:

“There was cracking on the supporting corner column and on Riverside. Now they are repairing it. No need for fear, it is being fixed.

It also sounds like it’s a mix of minor-structural and cosmetic. Nothing to worry about. We are all just going nuts over that terrace collapse from last week. I love this building, so I am glad it’s getting some upgrades and beautification.

original story:

I never used Dr. Leo, but I hear he is a great Chiropractor. Are you wondering why his office is now in a trailer on Park Avenue? Well it’s for a very good reason. My source described ‘very thick wooden support beams recently being install to support the structure.’ Are we talking the full structure?  Much like the recent-Hermine storm, its hard to forecast what potential damage could have happened, but work is getting done. Phew!

Along with those ‘corner band-aids’ in the above photo, there has been some controversy with this beautiful National Historic Building. Some of you might recall my past blogs:



Granada Towers really does have only two towers now! WHAAT?

Thanks to a keen-eyed reader, many of us just learned how the historic Granada Towers (310 Riverside Blvd) had one of its three towers removed. I actually couldn’t believe it until I saw myself. And yep, the tower in the middle is indeed missing.

How can this building, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984,  lose such an important detail of its facade? I thought that once it’s landmarked, it cannot be drastically changed. Those towers were a major feature of that building too. Anybody?

Here is a photo of the building in 2009 [Wikipedia]:


Here is a photo of the building that I took Sunday, July 2014:


OPINION: Zoning Board: Please don’t Create a Cell Tower Precedent [Granada Towers Under Siege – Part II]


I am a bit concerned by some of the comments that were posted in a resident’s plea for help in: It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Cell Tower! [Granada Towers Under Siege. Action needed this Thursday, January 24th]

celltowergranadaWhy? Because I am almost sure none of you would want to live directly under a cell tower. Yes, there are plenty of studies that might tell you these antennas aren’t dangerous, but you’ll find just as many telling you the opposite. You know how it goes: in this world of legal bullshit, it all depends on who pays for the study. Either way, I personally wouldn’t want to live directly under a cell tower. Would you?

It is my understanding that in 2010, The Town of Hempstead (TOH) passed in a law saying that no telecommunications company can construct new antennae within 1500 ft of schools, private residences, places of worship, etc. The TOH gets it and The City of Long Beach should too before it’s too late. If you live in a condo/apartment/co-op/townhouse,  you should be very concerned. If this passes Thursday, it will set a precedent which will allow more corporations to come in and take over our residential rooftops. Real Estate brokers should also be concerned, for they will have a harder time renting/selling apartments in cell-tower-roof-top buildings. Property values will decrease for sure.

In this modern age, most of us treat our cell phones as if they were our children. I get that you don’t want poor phone service, but there are much better locations in Long Beach for AT&T and Verizon to install these antennas. What about the water towers on the bayside? Just like how they’re installed on the tower in Point Lookout, these structures are far away from residential, yet high enough to cover a lot of ground.


The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to help fight AT&T’s application is this Thursday 1/24 at 7 pm at City Hall on the 6th Floor. If this passes, it could potentially set a new precedent where cell towers will be installed on residential rooftops all across Long Beach. Your building could be next.

It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…No, It’s a Cell Tower! [Granada Towers Under Siege. Action needed this Thursday, January 24th]


Written by Jennifer, A resident of Granada Towers 

You see it when you are coming down Park Avenue. You see it when you are crossing over the Michael A. Valente Bridge.  It once was a beautiful piece of architecture in the heart of Long Beach.  But as you are aware, Granada Towers is not in the best shape right now.  Now whenever I see my building from afar, besides being draped in scaffolding, all I see is a monstrous metal structure on top of my home.

Sometime back in July 2012, a team of contractors began building this cell phone antennae “sled” on top of my home. Imagine walking out into your backyard and looking up to see nine cell phone antennae beaming down on you!?!?!

Never in a million years would I have thought something like this would be permitted. While the City of Long Beach has granted AT&T “temporary” permission to do this, AT&T wants to make this new location permanent.

If you are able to attend the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting to help me fight AT&T’s application for a variance, the meeting is this Thursday 1/24 at 7 pm at City Hall on the 6th Floor.

Please help me protect my home and preserve a landmark building in the heart of our beloved City. If we, the people of Long Beach don’t, who will?

For more info, please check out my blog:  http://talesfromthepenthouse.tumblr.com

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