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Meet Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for Long Beach City Council [Election 2017]

My coverage of the 2017 Long Beach Election continues with Joseph Naham, Green Party candidate for Long Beach City Council. Sit down and relax, because Joey (I know him as Joey) had a lot to say, including his thoughts on our community, the environment and bringing an economic resistance to our city by the sea. 

Tell​ ​us​ ​about​ ​yourself.​

Thank you Anthony and dedicated Sea By The City readers. My name’s Joseph Naham. I’m a husband, community activist and lifelong resident of Long Beach. I have a degree from SUNY Farmingdale in Horticulture where I learned about thousands of native and exotic species of plants and insects. I also have a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Business Management. I spent half of my life living on the beach side, and the other half living on the bay and I have limitless value for the ecosystems that we are living amongst in Long Beach. I have worked to do what’s right for my community all of my life. I volunteered at Camp Anchor as a young adult to improve the life of children with disabilities. I worked at a local solar company for several years as an auditor and made a number of designs for local solar systems. I recently became OUPV certified and am going through the Coast Guard for the final certificate to be able to bring equipment by boat when the offshore wind turbines get moving. I have actively participated in oyster restoration programs in locations ranging from Reynold’s Channel to Southold. I managed several farmers markets, including in Long Beach from 2010- 2012. I was able to develop a local composting program, and worked to build community gardens in our community. I’ve been active in fighting to protect our Lloyd Aquifer from unethical pumping by New York City, as well as promoting plans to protect it from salt water intrusion. I have fought to make government transparent with respect to $50-100 million lawsuits, and our city’s tricky actions pertaining to the zoning board up to this election season’s Democratic fiasco.

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Meet Joey Naham, the Green Party Candidate for New York State Assembly – District 20

static1-squarespaceLocal Long Beach resident Joey Naham is the Green Party Candidate for New York State Assembly – District 20.  I recently caught up with Joey and got to ask him about his run.

What makes you different than the other candidates? 

I’m very different. I can start by saying first and foremost I don’t receive any campaign contributions from LLC’s, PACs, Special interests, or corporations, because I want to work for You and only you.

I want to propose legislation that bans political party leaders from holding an elected government office and also protecting whistleblowers who expose unethical behavior. My candidacy is important to me, I have lived here all of my life (fourth generation) and I intend to not only represent and champion our communities in the assembly as a beacon for investing education and grant funds to not only into our general education, but also for laboratories that study climate change, vector control (integrated pest management is an alternative to spraying pesticides) and providing climate change resource jobs for our communities in addition to the green jobs I intend to bring in either the Green New Deal proposal.
Can you elaborate on some issues that concerns the average Long Beach resident?

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Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for City Council

Ready for a more environmental aware and sustainable community?  Joseph Naham is a Green Party Candidate for Long Beach City Council.


We need a member of City Council who knows how to promote a more sustainable and efficient future. Climate change and energy reform are international issues but what can we do, in our own community, with our own government to be a part of the revolution?

Change is a piecemeal process and we need to start now. Learn more here:  www.makeitagreen2015.com


BLOG DISCLAIMER: I’ll be posting whatever candidate media release that’s sent to me. I want to do my best in maintaining seabythecity as an independent blog, so if your political party has something you wish for me to post, please send it in.