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Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally @ Point Lookout [Sierra Club]

Dear Friend,

Right now LIPA is deciding between two paths. The first path will take us down a road of dirty energy paved by big money interests and will lock us into dependence on fossil fuels for the next several decades. The second path will lead us to a healthier, more sustainable future by investing in clean energy, like offshore wind, and building up our local economy.

Before LIPA decides how they will power our homes, it is crucial that they hear from us first! In fact, they are already feeling the pressure. Yesterday LIPA COO Michael Hervey received over 700 emails from Long Islanders like you and called us directly to discuss our demands! Now it’s time to take our message to the media and amplify the voice of even more Long Islanders.

Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally

Tuesday, September 25th

Point Lookout, NY

LIPA is going to announce their decision on October 2nd so we need to act now. We will also be launching our call-in campaign to LIPA at this event so every person that comes to this rally will be heard directly by LIPA. Come out on Tuesday and make sure your support for clean energy is heard.

This rally will be held in front of the wind turbine at the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways in Point Lookout. This will be a great opportunity to see the future of energy production up close and personal and hear from Long Island business leaders, students, and moms about why renewable energy is the right choice for Long Island.

Here are all the details:

What: Community Voices for Clean Energy Rally and Launch of Call-in Campaign

When: Tuesday Sept 25th at 11 AM

Where: Town of Hempstead Dept of Conservation and Waterways, Lido Boulevard,   Point Lookout, NY

Please use this link to RSVP:


Hope to see you there,

Sierra Club

City Upgrades to Energy-Efficient Lighting Costs Covered by Community Development Grant [Press Release]

In case you haven’t noticed, we have new lights almost everywhere in Long Beach: Park Avenue, the blvds, Shore Rd, the Boardwalk, etc. I blogged about this a few weeks ago, now the city makes it official with a press release. Enjoy!

 City Upgrades to Energy-Efficient Lighting

Costs Covered by Community Development Grant

Long Beach, NY – The City’s Public Works Department recently completed a massive project that included the replacement of 860 lights throughout the community and on the boardwalk, using more energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures. All boulevards and main thoroughfares have been switched from the more wasteful high-pressure sodium to induction-powered lights.

A $500,000 grant the City obtained from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority covered 93.5% of the costs. The City’s actual cost was just $2,800. However, the new lights, which are approximately 30% more efficient, cut the City’s kilowatt hour use by 1,309 kilowatt hours per year, equating to $2,700 in savings in just the first year. Additionally, the bulbs last five times longer than those that they’re replacing and have 100,000 burning hours. “This is a remarkable return on investment,” said City Council President Len Torres. “We’ll just about make our money back in the first year. Going green pays dividends.”

New Lamp Fixtures, Boardwalk Bulletin Boards (sort of) and a Deco-Heartbeat


Feeling the blues lately? You should. Thanks to a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, our boardwalk and streets are shining a lot bluer. Every single lamp on the boardwalk has been replaced with a more energy efficient bulb and fixture. Much of the boulevards and main strips across town were given the same treatment as well. They are called white lights, but I see blue. Either way, they’re going to save us some cash. According to the West End Beautification Association:

“The lamp in the induction light burns five times longer than the former high pressure sodium lamps. Night sky watchers will recognize that the new lamps project a white light downward, alleviating intrusive light dispersion and providing a more aesthetically appealing illumination for pedestrians and drivers. (source – West End Beautification Association Update)

The blue light is strikingly different than our traditional yellowish tint. Some people don’t like it; most don’t care or would even notice. Heck, We didn’t pay for this upgrade directly and it will save us money in the long run. No complaining here.


I did a post on Bulletin Boards back in December (Read –  Beautifying Long Beach – Community Bulletin Boards).

My reasoning was simple: We have so many great events going on in this city that nobody knows about. Plus, let’s get the out-of-towners to these events so they can spend their money here. City Manager Jack Schnirman himself told me he loved the bulletin board idea, but the city just has no funds to do it (yet). Council Councilman Mike Fagen told me the same thing.

This weekend, to my surpirse, I noticed these yellow fliers posted down our boardwalk, essentially turning every ticket booth into a makeshift bulletin board! What a great idea! Any way we can get people in Long Beach and visitors to know what’s going on around town is an obvious positive for the city and event coordinators alike. I would smack these fliers right in front of the Allegria Hotel and our LIRR station as well. Let’s get that vistor money! Our local businesses need it.


All of the Decobike kiosks have been given a minor update these past few days: Stickers with lights. WHOA, SOMEBODY BREAK OUT THE CHAMPAGNE!  July 4th the bikes are supposed to come. I won’t believe it until I see it.

NEWSDAY: Long Beach boardwalk lights going green

In her Newsday article titled Long Beach boardwalk lights going green, Candice Ruud writes:

“All 98 lights along the city’s boardwalk soon will be refitted with energy-efficient lightbulbs and new fixtures, thanks in large part to a $500,000 grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

The city council already had plans in motion to replace 762 lights throughout the community with more energy-efficient lightbulbs as part of a resolution to spend $416,570 of the grant. Then the city decided to swap out all 98 boardwalk lights as part of the same grant for an additional $43,120″

We first heard about these lights back in April 2010 (read – Happy Earth Day!) when I wrote:

Energy Efficient Street Lighting. Paid for by the Feds, these 762 lights will save us 33% of electric costs per year. Not to mention all those fossil fuels!  Plus, they will last longer than standard lights.

That was so long ago that I pretty much forgot about them. So you say we can save energy and money with this mass-bulb swap? Who can argue with that. Head over to Newsday and read the full article: Long Beach boardwalk lights going green

Eco-Friendly Interior Design Comes To Long Beach

Long Beach resident Amanda Moore has high hopes of becoming Long Island’s premiere Eco-friendly Interior Designer. Her company Baby Green offers an eco-friendly alternative to those who not only care about the environment, but most importantly strive to live in a toxin-free home, tastefully designed to support their lifestyles and personalities. She wholeheartedly believes that “everyone should walk into a home they love every day.” While children’s room design and nurseries are her specialties, Amanda also offers all-encompassing, full-service interior design services as well as organizational services – which in her words will “whip a whole home into shape.”

‘Toxin-free’ designing isn’t new to Amanda; she’s been at it for over 10 years and has created eco-friendly kids rooms for Ana Ortiz and Charlie Sheen as well as the whole design of Leonardo DiCaprio’s New York City pad. I recently caught up with Amanda and asked her about Baby Green, toxic-free living in Long Beach and the importance of being eco-friendly.

So what made you open shop in Long Beach? 

I co-founded re:place, my interior design company in Manhattan, just over 10 years ago.  When it became time to think about a better school system for my son and 14 years of city life started catching up with me, we relocated Long Beach.

I’ve been very impressed with Long Beach’s forward thinking on environmental matters as a city and within the community. Because we are surrounded by the natural beauty of the ocean and beach – most of us drawn here for the recreation and well being they provide. There seems to be an inherent desire to protect those things. Also, a lot of the homes in Long Beach are on the smaller side, especially in the West End where I live, which naturally dissuades excessive living. And in tight communities, people just tend to care more about each other and the issues that affect us.

What does it mean to be an Eco-Friendly Interior Designer?

As an eco-friendly interior designer I help my clients create spaces that reflect their personality and lifestyle and that are in harmony with our planet. This creates personalized spaces that are healthier for the occupants than conventionally designed homes and leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

Why do you think it’s important to live an Eco-Friendly lifestyle?

We are only beginning to wake up to the number of toxins we’ve been exposing ourselves and our families to every day. The rise in cancer rates and childhood asthma are only a few of the indicators, but I also understand that this is a difficult reality for everyone to entertain. So I guide my clients in the “doing as much as possible” approach on the more easily acceptable foundation that it’s simply better to be safe than sorry. Because we spend so much time in our homes and indoor air quality has been proven to be more polluted than outdoor air, it’s certainly wise to eliminate as many toxins and VOC’s as possible. And I like to help prove that the changes can be beautiful, fun, easy and don’t have to cost a lot either.

Any Eco-Friendly design tips for us folks in Long Beach?  

Even though I’m a renter, I made a lot of eco-friendly, low-budget changes in my little West End bungalow. My list was to re-paint with zero-VOC paints (which seals off under-layers from off-gassing any further), replace dust-trapping wall-to-wall carpet with laminate floors (not inherently green, but they have the right level of durability and cleanability to stand up to Long Beach living for many years to come and longevity is certainly a factor when considering the environmental impact of renovation materials), install better ceiling fans so I don’t need to use AC, replace all bulbs with longer lasting CFL’s, use only nontoxic cleaning and personal care products, buy all new organic cotton bedding, and purchase reclaimed teak furniture and a few pieces finished with nontoxic paints and stains.

Click here for examples of Amanda’s West End Bungalow renovation, which she says is “just a good example of what can be done with small beach cottages.”

On becoming Long Island’s premiere Eco-friendly Interior Designer, Amanda says, “It’s a different notion of interior design than what Long Island is used to and I saw the need to focus on helping families love their homes out here, educate them on reducing clutter and toxins in their homes, and work within their real life budgets. There’s a long way to go here in Long Beach and across Long Island, but I think this town is ready to make an impact.

For more examples of Amanda’s work, check out her portfolio @ babygreendesign.net or contact her and ask about her initial consultations for the local area that are free and without obligation.

Office 516.442.0536   
Mobile 917.887.6765 
Email ajm2727@gmail.com 
Web babygreendesign.net

UPDATED: A Giant Windmill is Coming to Lido (like, really soon)

UPDATED (December 7th): The Town of Hempstead got a grant from the Department of Energy to build this Windmill. I’m now hearing that it will be used to power the Hydrogen Station that is on the Department of Conservation and Waterways property. And yes, the windmill is going up right now! I took this blurry snapshop from my car on the way to work this morning.



Environmentalists rejoice! 

Those of you who drive the Loop everyday might of noticed the new bulkhead project that’s been going on at the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways. Sources are telling me that this work is being done to support the newest addition to the Lido Beach skyline – A Giant Windmill! How big will this windmill be? Well, I am hearing that it’s going to be HUUUUUGE!! Almost as big as the Lido Water tower (Lollipop, as I like to call it). I have no other info. Developing…