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REMINDER: City Council Meeting tonight (June 19th)

What’s on this week’s agenda? In no particular order:

  • Off-street parking waivers (Wow, they never talk about that!)
  • Amendments to the 2012/13 budget (to reflect concessions agreed upon between the City and the CSEA and voted upon by union membership, 195 to 22 in favor. This vote restored the jobs of 38 union members.)
  • Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive talk.
  • Moving the July 3rd City Council meeting to July 5th (Nobody wants to work on Fourth of July Eve)
  • Some Bond talk (City needs cash. I’m hoping for 10% short term returns. I have my fingers crossed!)
  • Bus Fares @ $2 around Long Beach, $2.50 to Point Lookout.
  • Water & Sewer rents (down the drain)
  • 727 West Park Avenue to be sold for $300,000 and will be an Irish Dance school. So Hagen School of Irish Dance is moving? SBC Blogger Seashelly wrote about this property in April: Building for Sale.
  • Something about an Automatic Alarm System.
Please read the full June 19th Agenda here:  June_19_2012.pdf