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Second Skate Park Engagement Session is March 5th [Please keep the politics away from all the skatepark talk]

415515_363882036984522_585145579_o(image of skatepark in Far Rockaway

From Long Beach:

“The City will be hosting a public engagement session regarding development of our new Skate Park on Thursday, March 5 at 7PM on the 2nd floor of the Long Beach Public Library. All residents are welcome to attend and participate. [LINK]

I, for one, am excited about this skatepark and I don’t care how unpopular that opinion is. I’m tired when people complain about one topic by dragging in something that’s completely unrelated: e.g., Why do we have a new boardwalk when our hospital is still closed. UGHHHHH

I don’t want to turn this into a hospital vs. Skatepark issue and it might come across that it is, but my point is this: don’t politicize the skatepark. It has nothing to do with other issues, such as the privately owned Long Beach Medical Center. Continue reading Second Skate Park Engagement Session is March 5th [Please keep the politics away from all the skatepark talk]

Help Long Beach Get a New Skatepark (Facebook Group)

2525611459_ac361ea938_bAs an ex-BMXer who used to ride quarter pipes (25 years ago), I definitely see the desire for a new skatepark. The current one that we have is terrible!  I mean, it just plain stinks: it’s right next to the sewage plant!!. The one at Nickerson Beach is better, but too far for LB kids to travel to. Why can’t we have a better one here?

So, here is a quick shout-out to the newly created Facebook group titled: Help Long Beach get a new skatepark. Perhaps with some public interest, donors and who knows what else, we can actually get a new and improved skatepark in a much better location.  Beachside perhaps? Here is a crazy idea! iStar can do good PR by contributing to our community. What about a new skate park on top of one of those giant iStar superblock parking lots? I would much rather watch kids do aerials than stare at parked cars.  Visit on Facebook: Help Long Beach get a new skatepark