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“Camera Gal” who got hurt on the jetty during Hermine tells her story. #CaughtGramming by #Hermine

We all heard the story about the “camera gal” who got hurt on the jetty during ‘Hermine’ weekend. That “gal” was Robin Cembalest, who was Editor-in-Chief of ARTnews before starting her own consulting business, Robin Cembalest Editorial Strategies. Robin, who would now like to be referred to as ‘a social media influencer’ created a Storify about her jetty experience. Check it out:

#CaughtGramming by #Hermine 

By the way, She got a few broken ribs, bumps and bruises, but is otherwise doing fine. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

Hermine. High tide Sunday morning is at 10:07am.

It sounds like Sunday around 10am will bring the worst of the flooding. That’s high tide (10:07am, to be precisely). The tropical storm could still linger for a few days after that. Let’s blame this all on high water temperature down south.

For those of you who are on Facebook, L.I. Weather Guy is a good place to follow: www.facebook.com/liweatherguy/?fref=ts

For something a lot more local to Long Beach; lots of great updates coming from here: LB Community Organizations Active in Disasters – LB COAD

(An old photoshop, but somewhat relevant.)