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A New ‘Historical’ Addition To Our Boardwalk, Courtesy of the Long Beach Island Landmarks Association

Nestled on the boardwalk between the Allegria Hotel (80 W. Broadway) and the lifeguard station is this new historical marker, courtesy of the Long Beach Island Landmarks Association. I love these historical markers. I was expecially excited by the one that was installed in front of our LIRR earlier this year (see – article from June 11th, 2012) and would love to see more. So far we have the boardwalk, Red Brick district & LIRR station highlighted. How about our neighborhoods? I’d love to read about how the Walks got started, or the history behind the canals. What other historical landmark in Long Beach can we highlight with a marker?

Below is a closeup photo for your reading pleasure, but go on the boardwalk just west of National Blvd and check it out yourself! I am a tad jealous by some of the history that was posted: A music park? Tennis courts? Dance pavilion ‘Castles by the Sea’? Amusement rides? Arcades? Mini-golf? Boy, did they know how to have fun back then or what?

A Few Random Stories (Dunkin’ Donuts on hold, Historical Plaques, King Kullen in Island Park, Flu Shot Alternative)


I just realized how I never posted a followup to the entire Dunkin’ Donuts in the West End saga. In case some of you missed it, the LB Herald reported on November 11th the following:

Plans to open a Dunkin’ Donuts in the West End — which drew the ire of many residents who said the franchise would hurt the character of the community and impact local businesses — are, at least for now, on hold, according to a realtor close to the negotiations 

Sounds good to me. Some of you folks probably think a Dunkin’ Donuts would be great in the West End, but I really think it’ll hurt some of the mom & pop’s there – particularly the bagel store. After all, Dunkin’ Donuts DOES sell bagels… and with a drive-thru? OUCH!

Bye Bye Dunkin’ Donuts. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Of course, the article does say “for now,” which means this deal isn’t completely dead. Those involved will probably wait until we stop paying attention, then a deal will be made. That’s how capitalism works when a community is involved.

(read @ the LB Herald- Plans for West End Dunkin’ Donuts on hold, for now)

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The LB Patch just posted an article about historical plaques coming to Long Beach (read – Marking Up Historical Long Beach). I’m a sucker for this stuff. Yep, I’m a big fan of recognizing our historical past and I think these plaques are going to be AWESOME! I’ve always seen historical plaques in Upstate NY and Westchester and I always wondered why not more on Long Island. I mean, shit happend here, right? There has to be more to Long Island than strip malls and traffic. (LIRR plaque photo credit in my photoshop: Nicole Murphy @ LB Patch)


Work on the King Kullen in Island Park has finally begun. Inside sources tell me that this shopping center should be completed by Thanksgiving 2012. What effects will this supermarket have on nearby businesses such as Jordan Lobster Farms? It’s unclear, but I am hearing that there might be an amendment written in the King Kullen lease which prevents them from selling seafood. Let’s hope that’s true, or Jordan is screwed. Of course, this King Kullen will most likely add more vacancies to an already very-vacant (and retail saturated) Austin blvd.

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Ok, so not so much Long Beach-related, but in a way it is. It’s flu season, which means a good bunch of you are probably running over Walgreens (606 Long Beach Blvd) for a flu shot. How about a more natural method?

On her blog Baby Green, Long Beach resident Amanda Moore writes about alternative ways to combat the flu by boosting your immune system naturally. Amanda talks about garlic, water, sleep, green tea and reducing dairy. It all makes sense to me. I’m one of those folks who believes the shots bring more danger than good (and so do a lot of other people). I’m no doctor, so please do what you’re comfortable with, but  preventative care is the way to go as far as I’m concerned. Amanda healthy tips are spot on, so read her article IMMUNITY NOW! over at her Baby Green Blog and learn how to prevent the flu.