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UPDATED: A Giant Windmill is Coming to Lido (like, really soon)

UPDATED (December 7th): The Town of Hempstead got a grant from the Department of Energy to build this Windmill. I’m now hearing that it will be used to power the Hydrogen Station that is on the Department of Conservation and Waterways property. And yes, the windmill is going up right now! I took this blurry snapshop from my car on the way to work this morning.



Environmentalists rejoice! 

Those of you who drive the Loop everyday might of noticed the new bulkhead project that’s been going on at the Town of Hempstead Department of Conservation and Waterways. Sources are telling me that this work is being done to support the newest addition to the Lido Beach skyline – A Giant Windmill! How big will this windmill be? Well, I am hearing that it’s going to be HUUUUUGE!! Almost as big as the Lido Water tower (Lollipop, as I like to call it). I have no other info. Developing…