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Take the Poll: ICMA Plan or Paid Firefighters?

I am positive that the results of this poll will be skewed either way, but this is a blog where I sometimes do dumb stuff [like take polls]. Just please note that the results no impact on anything.

Our city insists that their ICMA Public Safety plan will give us better public safety at savings to the tax payers. Our Paid firefighters disagree, saying how they are better trained, time tested and needed in a dense area such as Long Beach. What public safety plan do you prefer?

What public safety plan to you prefer

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Here is the link if the poll doesn’t load on your device:What public safety plan to you prefer

New ‘Stop the LBFD Layoffs’ Blog

LBPFA logoIt looks like there is a Stop the Long Beach Firefighter layoffs blog. So for those who want to follow up and support the cause, here is the link:


This is all in response to this: The City of Long Beach – ICMA Public Safety Management- Emergency Response Study Public Meeting Documents Continue reading New ‘Stop the LBFD Layoffs’ Blog

Paramedics Wanted: Long Beach is Hiring. The ICMA report is starting to take effect.

I am very curious to see how this whole ICMA recommendation thing plays out. As a taxpayer, I am very curious. Will emergency services remain the same? Will the city really save money by replacing some firefighters with paramedics? I have seen good arguments on both sides, but this is really beyond my expertise.  Anyway, here is the job posting: PARAMEDICS WANTED: THE CITY OF LONG BEACH IS HIRING!

What do folks think of the Public Safety report that was presented at the last City Council Meeting?

Due to the uncertainty of the Long Beach Medical Center, the City hired a consulting firm to evaluate our safety/emergency needs. All this info was presented at the January 13th City Council Meeting and also posted on the official city website.  What do you folks think of all this? 

From Long Beach: “Did you miss the ICMA Center for Public Safety Management presentation on Long Beach Emergency Medical Services Tuesday night? Don’t worry, here are some key excerpts from the presentation.You can find a link to the full report, as well as Tuesday’s presentation here: http://goo.gl/FEhb2t

ICMA_Report_Excerpts_Page_1 ICMA_Report_Excerpts_Page_2