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More on Long Beach Cinemas

2C777F90-7641-4850-8339-5E17DF68014BLB Herald has the scoop. READ: Long Beach movie theater to return.

I am extremely glad to see the theater coming back. I do hope they decide to bring some indie films too and can also use some of the space for performing arts.

Movie Theaters are making a comeback, they just have to be re-imagined. This is where I plug IMAGINE LONG BEACH.  I’ve tried to contact the building owners in the past, but had no luck actually talking to somebody important. Can somebody direct them to the IMAGINE LONG BEACH movie theater page?  imaginelbny.com/entry/movie-theatre/

I love this quote

I love this quote. It’s from Rob LB Rothman on facebook:

Oh what to do…Want some fun?

Want to go see a movie?…Go to Rockville Centre.
Want to go roller skating?…Go to Lynbrook.
Want to shoot some pool?…Go to Island Park.
Want to play some miniature Golf?…Go to Eisenhower Park.
Want to go go carting?…go to Bethpage.
Want to go to a batting cage?…Go to Valley Stream.
Want to go to a Bowling alley?…Go to Rockville Centre.
Want to simply walk on a Boardwalk? Come to Long Beach.
Get my point?
Please Share….

PS. I am not being negative here. I am just pointing out how obvious it is that there is nothing that I listed (which is basic family entertainment that you find in every city or town) to do here in the family oriented Long Beach.

It reminds me just how important it is for everybody to be involved with Imagine Long Beach.

‘First Night Out’ and 1st LB New Year’s Eve Ball Drop [a few photos and videos]

firstnightout1Kinda late posting these, but I had the flu.

Imagine Long Beach came to fruition this past New Year’s Eve with its first event: FIRST NIGHT OUT.  I was able to enjoy the event for about three hours, but ended up leaving early because of a freezing baby. A lot of different stuff (art, music, food, etc) was going on, so these few photos are a terrible description on just how great this night was. That being said, I hope First Night Out becomes a yearly tradition. It was great! Thank you and well done to all who were involved! Continue reading ‘First Night Out’ and 1st LB New Year’s Eve Ball Drop [a few photos and videos]

[Dear Santa, I want an] Outdoor Ice Skating in Kennedy Plaza with hot chocolate, coffee, music and more!


A supplement to my post from yesterday (read: City of Long Beach Winter Commercial is great, but we need more winter destinations in Long Beach).

I really think we need more activities in Long Beach during the winter. It’s great how our city is advertising Long Beach as a year round destination, but us residents know that the activities in the winter here are very minimal. We do have some really nice stores, restaurants and the new boardwalk is beautiful (especially with the lights), but it’s FREEEEEZING by the water. This is where Ice Skating in Kennedy Plaza comes in. Continue reading [Dear Santa, I want an] Outdoor Ice Skating in Kennedy Plaza with hot chocolate, coffee, music and more!

First Night Out! A night of family fun and alcohol-free celebration! [New Years Eve!]


Join The Fun!

A Community New Year’s Eve Event

The Historic West End Business Owners and West End Neighbors Civic Associations have teamed up to bring you First Night Out – A Community New Year’s Eve event. First Night Out is an evening of alcohol-free family fun, celebration and entertainment. Click HERE to learn more! Continue reading First Night Out! A night of family fun and alcohol-free celebration! [New Years Eve!]

City of Long Beach Winter Commercial is great, but we need more winter destinations in Long Beach [Opinion & Imagine Long Beach]

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here is the City of Long Beach winter Commercial (Winter 2014).

LINK: http://vimeo.com/81836026

City of Long Beach Commercial (Winter 2014) from Visit Long Beach New York on Vimeo.

It’s great to promote Long Beach as a year-round destination, but I still think we need more things to do around here in the winter. Continue reading City of Long Beach Winter Commercial is great, but we need more winter destinations in Long Beach [Opinion & Imagine Long Beach]

[An Urgent Push to get this Funded!!] First Night (New Year’s Eve Event)


Ok, folks, this is it. If we can give First Night (New Year’s Eve Event) 250 “likes” by the end of November, then Renaissance Downtown will provide sponsorship money to make this happen! Please share this info with everyone you know!

Here are the details on First Night (New Year’s Eve Event):

A community New Year’s Eve Party where different locations sign on to to be a part of one big party, modeled after First Night in many other cities. One ticket gets you into multiple locations: Stop in Kennedy Plaza, at local bars and restaurants, on the boardwalk and the West End. 

To end the night – and start the New Year – the community will gather together in the Virginia Ave parking lot at midnight for Long Beach’s first ever Ball Drop!  

So whether you  really like this idea or not, PLEASE visit Imagine Long Beach and LIKE it anyway! It would be a great way to kick start this whole entire crowdsourcing thingy. You need to visit IMAGINE LONG BEACH and Like the idea. LIKE as many ideas as you want while you are there too.


Some of the crazier ideas posted on Imagine Long Beach (I like crazy)

mock_up_FINAL1ab9ceThis is the start of an ongoing series where I spotlight a handful of ideas which have been submitted to the crowdsourcing-Imagine Long Beach website. For those who are out of the loop, Imagine Long Beach is a place where your dreams become reality. If you don’t know what that means, go here and read about it. Come back when you are done.

Are you done? Ok, let’s continue.

Today we look at some of the the crazier submissions. Some of these seem far fetched, but they’re inspired from what exists in other communities. So just how crazy can they really be?? If you like any, go to IMAGINE LONG BEACH and register. Your feedback is extremely important in actually getting this stuff done.

Crazy Idea # 1 Pedestrian Bridge over Reynolds Channel (LINK)

Amsterdam-Pedestrian-BridgeThis would bring safer pedestrian access to our neighbors across the channel. I absolutely love this idea. Why? Because it’s insane, but it also points out a sad reality: The Michael Valente Long Beach Bridge is dangerous and scary for non-motorists to cross over.This pedestrian bridge does seem insane, but still…. safer access really is needed.

Speaking of the Michael Valente Bridge, let’s stick a lighthouse in the middle of it! (That’s Crazy idea #2: Long Beach Lighthouse of Hope)

Crazy Idea #3 Surf Park / Wave Dome (LINK)

A giant domed waved pool for surfing. Wait a minute…. don’t we already have a giant body of water with surfing waves? We do, but this idea is to make Long Beach more of a major surfing destination and also create an entire industry (think jobs & money) that could benefit Long Beach for many years to come.


Crazy Idea #4 East End Dog Park (LINK)

Originally posted on this blog in September (LINK), the East End Dog Park has made its way to Imagine Long Beach and it’s giving a dog-run for their money… Many people are LIKING it. Perhaps doing something with those medians isn’t such a bad idea after all? And dog run? Yep, the demand is there! WHO KNEW?DogPark-660x391

Crazy Idea #6 Zip Lines! (LINK)


I did a post on these zip lines the other day (LINK), so definitely check out the proposal. Still… zip lines at the beach? SOUNDS CRAAAAYZEEEY! Guess what? It’s getting a lot of positive feedback!!

Crazy Idea #7 Horseback Riding on the beach (LINK)

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 11.42.34 AMPeople love horses, so I can see this being extremely popular..Me personally, I want that horse manure for my garden. That’s why this idea gets my LIKE.

Crazy Idea #8 LB Minor League Baseball Stadium (LINK)

*Jun 17 - 00:05*Take me out to the ball game on the bay. This idea is insane, but think about it… Put this on the bay and you won’t have any parking issues near the beach. It can also be used as an outdoor concert venue. Suffolk has the LI Ducks,Coney Island has the Cyclones. I would definitely pay to see the Long Beach [insert team name here].

Crazy Idea #9 Superblock Development (LINK)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superblock!! Yep, we have a greater chance of seeing Superman fly over Long Beach than actual Superblock development. Sure, there are rumors how this November Trump Jr was supposed to announce his two 15-story tower plan, but is anything going to really happen there? I won’t believe it until a shovel hits the ground. ? Too many rumors, too many stories, too many lawsuits. That is why I’m putting this in the CRAZY IDEA category.


There are plenty more where that came from, so go to Imagine Long Beach and check it out. Next time I’ll talk about the ideas which seem completely obvious and have you dumbfounded why they aren’t here already.