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He Said No to Fireworks, Will McLaughlin Say No to Irish Day too? (And Did Irish Day Outgrow the West End?) [OPINIONS]

In my post The Fireworks MUST Go On, I mentioned this quote from Councilman John McLaughlin regarding the fireworks event this year: “I’d rather see someone hired back. I appreciate the sponsors with the fireworks and everything, but … I’d feel terrible watching the fireworks go off while someone’s sitting at home that could have been working.” [Source – LB Herald: Long Beach fireworks will go on]

Well that got me thinking. Does that mean Councilman McLaughlin will say “no” to Irish Day? After all, Irish Day is a very expensive party that costs the city FAR MORE MONEY and wreaks FAR MORE HAVOC on the city than fireworks. I mean, how can we even think of celebrating anything since people are out of jobs? I’m sure Mr. McLaughlin will feel terrible watching the fireworks go off  participating in Irish Day while someone’s sitting at home who could have been working. 

Not to put all the pressure on Councilman McLaughlin, but i’m just trying to make a point here. And I think it’s a very good one. Seriously, can we afford Irish Day?

Since we are on the topic, did Irish Day outgrow the West End?

From what I understand, Irish Day was created to help the bars in the West End get through the lean winter months. Now that the West End consists of mostly full time residents, some West Enders are beginning to chafe at the outrageous shenanigans that go on during the festivities as well as its effect on the reputation of the community. “Drunken debauchery” was one way it was explained to me.

Somebody suggested in the comments of an article in the the AOL-owned LB Patch that Irish Day should be moved to Kennedy Plaza. What do you readers think? Make it more of a cultural celebration and less about the drinking party it’s become:

–  Irish dancing and Irish music on a main stage

–  Irish food from local restaurants, either a food tent or carts

–  Alcohol tent (local bars – id required, of course)

–  Kids activities, like face painting, games and Irish dance lessons


How Much to Pee?

Today Saturday March 3, 2012, Hoboken, New Jersey would have marked its 26th year of having St. Patrick’s Day ahead of the scheduled March 17th

annual event.  Their parade was cancelled with controversy due to “Quality of Life Issues”.  To sum it up. A family event for all had become a drunken

fest for a few. Sound familiar?

The West End has been host to the Ancient Order of Hibernian’s celebration of St. Brendan the Navigator for 22 years.  The parade with the majestic pipe bands and fire trucks from surrounding areas and afar have become muted in the aftermath of the stupid over served who urinate, defecate and fornicate between cars, homes and the sands of our beach.

If you live in the West End you tolerate Irish Day, embrace it full on with family and friends, hope it moves to the East End or leave the City for the day.
It is controversial as is Hoboken’s. Personally, I don’t want to see it go but it has become a day that no longer embraces family tradition but the pocketbooks of the few. I’m unsure who’s pocketbooks so this is why this blog is in the Opinion section, but someone’s making money. At the Listener’s meeting in the West End, citizen’s bought up their concerns about the October celebration. Some want it gone forever, others say “Let it stay” with modifications.

The Hoboken bars decided to continue what they have morphed from a family event to a  celebration with a pub-crawl. Dress up as a leprechaun and you can continue the tradition of being an ass. http://www.hoboken-bar.net/stpats. There is a twist. If you’re going to be an obnoxious pisser in Hoboken you may get fined up to 2000$.

Now, as our fine City makes it’s way out of a fiscal crisis, let’s have a resolution added to the City Council agenda that on October 6, 2012 if you piss on streets be prepared to pay! I invite a LB officer to sit upon my porch. We’ll score 50,000 bucks in three hours!



12 Arrests on Irish Day last Saturday

Not to turn this blog into a place for just links, but here ya go:

liherald.com – Arrests, summonses issued on Irish Day

The Long Beach Police Department arrested approximately 12 people on Irish Day last Saturday, most of which were disorderly conduct charges.

 Deputy Inspector Bruce Meyer of the Long Beach Police Department said that of the arrests, seven were for disorderly conduct, while other arrests were for DWI and criminal mischief. Meyer said that there was also one arrest for assault, and could not say if all arrests took place in the West End.

Police said 63 summonses were issued as well, mainly alcohol-related and for littering and public urination. Meyer said that Irish Day drew thousands of people, and that he felt police did an excellent job in maintaining order and “setting a tone” this year.

Read the whole article over at the Herald. Now, how many arrests were made during the entire Quiksilver Pro that was a result of Quiksilver Pro?

(Hint: Those two skydivers don’t count.)

Yeah…….. I thought so.

Black 47 – Popular Irish Band will be playing today @ Bluepoint

In celebration of Irish Day here in Long Beach, Black 47, one of the more popular modern Irish bands will be playing at Bluepoint (1148 W Beech Street, Long Beach, NY).

Who: Black 47 – (www.black47.com)

When: Today @ 4:30pm

Where: Bluepoint (1148 W Beech Street, Long Beach, NY)


Here they are earlier this year at the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash:


Love It or Hate It – Irish Day 2011 is Coming

The bag pipes and Irish limericks.  The dancing, celebrating, and sea of green.  The Long Beach-themed t-shirts.  The fights, the public urination, and the disorderly conduct.  Ah…. Irish Day is in the air.

I love Irish Day.  It’s a great way to see the whole City out, enjoy my Irish heritage – that the rest of you non-Irish get to share in for a day – and enjoy a few adult beverages.  I love the parade and the music.  But, I also don’t pick fights and urinate on private property.  Also, I don’t live in the West End.

Without a doubt though in skimming through some comments, I can see there’s a lot of negativity from West End residents.  I can see that it’s not just blanket negativity for the sake of negativity.  There are great points in there.

I don’t think anyone is against having a great parade that honors the heritage of many of this City’s Irish residents, what’s at issue is the excuse to be drunk and disorderly, and how that effects the residents of that community.

The bar owners love Irish Day because it is such a great hit for business and they have no economic motivation to intentionally irritate their neighbors with out-of-control patrons.  They certainly have to be part of the solution to help mitigate those effects.

West End residents – clearly, this is part case of “not in my backyard,” but even if you don’t live there you should understand their concerns.  And this is just another example of the sort of drama that happened leading into the Quiksilver Pro.  Complaints about rowdiness, fighting, and drinking next to people’s homes, without any real “approval” by each resident.  And of course, West-Enders have had to deal with this for years.

But so there it stands.  Irish Day attracts thousands of revelers in green tees: from families with kids, to those just looking to hit the bars and go wild.  It also attracts great bands and amazing music.  How to balance then the well-founded concerns of the West End residents, with the interests of the bars and restaurants in the area, and the desires of other residents and non-residents who want to just come down and have a good time.

I assume this is what the West End Neighbors Civic Association is all about – and I’m sure they’ve been working hard on it.  I’ve reached out to them to ask (actually, I can’t find an email for them, but the offer stands, Alright, now I found it – thanks commenters.  For future reference it is: info@westendneighbors-longbeach.org)  if they want to have some internet page inches to contribute to the conversation here.  I’ll update if they get back to me.

So:  West Enders, East Enders, “Central” Long Beachers, chime in.  How do we make sure Irish Day is fun for all, but residents are not negatively impacted by the irresponsible types that an event like this is bound to attract?

Irish Day is run by the Ancient Order of Hiberanians and will be held October 2nd, 2o11.  The parade starts at Washington Blvd.