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Summer Review Round-Up (Long Beach Eats and Drinks a Lot)

We’ve spent most of the summer out and about, surfing, running, and beaching – but occasionally found time to eat.  Alright, realistically, we ate a lot.  Long Beach received a bunch of new places this summer so we felt obligated to head down and try them out.  Here’s a summary of this summer’s reviews – in no particular order.

First off, Biddy Mulligan’s.  This new pub on Park Ave had decent food, good atmosphere, and amazing specials.  Now that they’ve been there longer and settled down – any updates from the community?

Barrier Brewing Company:  Long Beach’s own brewery – though located in Oceanside.  A great duo making amazing beer.  Growler fills should be on everyone’s Saturday schedule.

Pop’s Seafood Shack & Grill:  Without a doubt, one of the most contentious reviews and most heavily commented articles on this site.  People love it, people hate it.  Jersey Shore on the bay of Island Park or the perfect complement to this City’s nightlife and eating choices?

Jake’s Wayback Burgers:  Our latest review from our newest contributor.  “Everything was decent” – though they don’t have bacon!

Bahia Social Club: This trendy tapas spot takes over the dingy Tiki Bar.  Some were up in arms that I considered it expensive.  Now that it sounds like every reader of this blog has gone – what do you think?

John Henry’s:  Though packaged as a wing throwdown, John Henry’s shined as the winner of the best wings in Long Beach

JAX Tacos and Dogs @ Sugo: Anthony went down to Sugo – the seller of so many different kinds of food that I’ve lost count.  The Tacos?  Amazing though!

Best Wings in Long Beach (ThrowDown)

Football season is looming.  Meaning that it’s time for Jets and Giants fans across the Island to be disappointed by the performance of their respective teams.  Also, wing consumption will reach annual highs.  Long Beach has so many places that claim to be bars, pubs, restaurants, and other kinds of casual eateries.  With each offering a wing of their own it can be daunting to sort through all of them and their claims of superiority.

I’ve had many, many wings and think I have a good tasting system down.  I’m only going to consider Buffalo Wings – i.e., “Spicy” wings.  None of that teriyaki, Caribbean jerk, sweet & sour, BBQ shenanigans.  Sure, we can give some honorable mentions, but Buffalo is the only true flavoring.  Baked or fried?  Not even a question.  Most baked wings are soggy and gross.  Deep fried and done right is a work of art.   Another component that needs to be considered is the meatiness.  If there is too much meat, it tastes more like eating a chicken leg.  Too little and its all bone and skin.  Of course then, the sauce itself is critical.  Is it just painfully spicy or is it hot with good balance?

I’ve been to Sutton Place, I’m tasted Beach House’s offerings.  I’ve had a dozen at The Inn.  I’ve done Minnesota’s.  Billy’s Beach Cafe – been there.  And there’s more of course that are even less memorable.

Recently, I had the best wing I’ve ever consumed in Long Beach.  I went on a suggestion, and wow, they were right.  Where?  The low-key John Henry’s on Park Ave.

I ordered John Henry’s plate of Buffalo wings, hot of course, and was served a heaping plater of goodness, with all the sides one could want (carrots, celery, blue cheese).  The wing – perfectly fried crispy without being dry and tough.  The sauce – spicy without being overwhelming.  The wing, meaty for sure, some may think a little too meaty, but I believe it to be the perfect balance.  Through and through a perfect wing experience.  Afterwards, no feeling of severe grease overload death.

I was a skeptic.  I didn’t believe this understated pub would have such a strong wing offering.  I scoffed.  Well, like me, try this and then comment.  Yes, many will protest and say that _______ has a better wing.  Eat John Henry’s wing and explain why ______ has a better one.  I’ve probably already had that one and considered it.  If you offer up a place with a better wing, I will of course be obligated to try it – I’d consider it my duty.

And just for fun, I’m going to include a recipe if you want to make wings at home that I’ve had great results with.  Yes, these are baked, but technically “oven-fried.”  Try them at your own peril because you’ll soon be hooked.

Let the wing throwdown begin.