I would rather see a new Haberman building than another legal surcharge on my tax bill. [opinion]

“The city was dealt another blow last week in its fight against a potentially crippling $50 million lawsuit a developer first filed in 2003 [LB Herald]

“The Habermans are longtime residents of Long Beach. They did not want to inflict an enormous damage claim on the city, They only wanted the right to develop their own property.” [NEWSDAY]

Am I alone when I say this: I’d rather see another building than a lawsuit surcharge on my tax bill. It would spell the end for the beloved kitty condo, but there has to be some room here to cut some sort of deal.  I just think for us to appeal will do nothing, but delay the inevitable in a costly fashion.

Between this and the potential-BS lawsuit iStar is threatening, us residents are really getting hit hard with this legal mess – all situations that we have nothing to do with. I’m not joking when I say how there needs to be another Scoundrels by the Sea book in the works. 

[NEWSDAY] Judge: Long Beach in default in $50M lawsuit

“Nassau County acting state Supreme Court Justice James P. McCormack has found the City of Long Beach in default in a $50 million damages case tied to a proposed beachfront condominium project.

…..Last September, the City Council rejected the pact, which would have ended the lawsuit and allowed Haberman to submit an application to the zoning board of appeals to build more towers at Sea Pointe Towers on Shore Road. Then-council president Scott Mandel said in a statement that Klein had signed the stipulation without council approval. [LINK]

The city says they plan on filing an appeal. Read the full article @newsday  [LINK]

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Resident calls for the tearing down of Kitty Condo

A resident named Barb has had enough with Kitty Condo [red building in above photo] and wants it torn down:

“I would love to bring some attention to this eyesore in the empty lot between Lincoln and Monroe Blvd.This is what people see when they walk on our lovely new boardwalk. Disgusting. It does serve a purpose though, the colony of homeless cats have somewhere to shelter from the cold.
This topic has been brought up several times already, but worth repeating because Barb is absolutely right. Our beautiful boardwalk is tarnished with eyesores such as this red abandoned trailer. Of course there are some legal issues surrounded the lot that it’s in. Last time we discussed this was back in September when there was word of a possible stipulation between Corey Klein our city and the property owner (read –HABERMAN SETTLEMENT, A NEWSDAY ARTICLE, YADDA YADDA YADDA). Any updates on all this??


Haberman settlement, A Newsday article, yadda yadda yadda


Kitty Condo and Sea Pointe Towers in the news

Remember this post from last Friday: RUMOR ALERT: TWO MORE GIANT BUILDINGS COMING TO LB? Well, the LB Herald fills in some blanks for us.

Read: City hires legal counsel to fight $50M lawsuit. Retains law firms after attempts to settle Haberman suit hit a snag .

Known as the Haberman property, originally 4 towers, but only 1 was built. You know, that building between Monroe and Lincoln next to the red shack filled with cats (now known as Kitty condo): Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.23.28 PM

Zoning boards, alleged-political pressure, lawsuits, two 19-story buildings later proposed, etc. Just read the Herald article for everything you need. [LB Herald]