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Community Update for August (President Len, Long Beach International Film Festival, etc.)

The city has sent out the August edition of Community Update. Three items stand out for me:

First of all, Council President Torres, I’m not used to that yet! We were just getting used to Fran as president. The Community Update has a great photo of President Len, with everybody clapping behind him (see photo to the right). It looks like he giving the State of the Union address; very presidential.

Second item: The Long Beach International Film Festival (LBIFF). What is THAT all about? I am intrigued. You can find more info @ longbeachfilm.com. How did they ever get that domain name? I am so surprised somebody in Long Beach, CA didn’t snatch that one up.

This film festival doesn’t come until summer 2013, but I am excited!

I cannot seem to find any contact info on Long beach film’s website, so if anybody who is involved is reading this, please contact me.

Third item: Energy-Efficient lighting Supported By State Grant.

Our city is doing all it can to convince us how great these new lights are. Reason being: These lights aren’t popular. Sure, they were purchased with grant money and will save us a ton of money in electricity, but the complaints range from safety to “I just don’t like their color spectrum.” You can read more about these lights here: City Upgrades to Energy-Efficient Lighting Costs Covered by Community Development Grant.