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Some photos of the “Die In” at the Long Beach Medical Center

DSC_342550+ people showed up at the Long Beach is Dying For A Hospital event, where they staged a “Die In”. For three minutes everybody simulated their death, and wow did I see some good ones. The first person to die said he fell from a helicopter. How did he tell us that since he was dead?  In all seriousness, while our LBMC is currently being used as a movie set (see photo below), us folks in Long Beach are very concerned about the future of this hospital.

DSC_3411DSC_3445We’re hoping the media and Albany get wind of this. Legislator Denise Ford showed up and spoke about the importance of having a 24 hour medical/emergency center on our barrier Island. Other citizens voiced their options as well – concerns about what to do if the Long Beach/Michael Valente bridge is up or stuck and there is a major medical emergency? What about the Polar Bear swim coming up? I don’t think helicopters can land on the sand. In a city that is so active, especially in the summer, not having 24/7 emergency care is a big concern.

Anyway, Newsday, the LB Herald and a few other media outlets came getting quotes from everybody, so I am sure you will read about this elsewhere. I just like to take photos.


Newsday: Freestanding emergency department planned in Long Beach

Is this the future of our Long Beach Medical Center?

NEWSDAY: South Nassau Communities Hospital plans to open a freestanding, round-the-clock emergency department in Long Beach, sounding the death knell to any hopes of reopening Long Beach Medical Center.

So it’s going to still be a 911 receiving, 24/7 emergency, ambulance-run medical building? This is all good, no? Pretty much what we need, unless I’m missing something.

Read the full article right here @ Newsday: Freestanding emergency department planned in Long Beach