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LIRR Long Beach Getaway Package Ridership Numbers on a steady decline since 2010

I friend of mine (and reader of the blog) sent me the following email regarding LIRR Long Beach Getaway Package Ridership Numbers (link) which he got from the MTA customer service dept.  As you can see on the chart below, July 2014 really took a hit, as the overall number of LIRR Long Beach Getaway Package Ridership Numbers is on a steady decline from 54,048 in 2010 to 47,284 in 2014.

From our city’s website:

“A LIRR Getaway Package entitles you to: • One-day round trip train fare. • Discounted daily beach admission. • Free Long Beach bus service • Discounts on food & drinks at local restaurants. • Hours of fun in our beautiful “City by the Sea”.

Is it the economy? more competition? higher prices? the weather? or do people just not like package deals anymore? Here is the original email with the numbers:

I received the following info on the LIRR Long Beach Getaway Package Ridership for 2014.  It shows a modest drop of almost 500 less riders this summer as compared to 2013 and still down almost 3,250 from 2011 and almost 7K from 2010.  I wonder if the “tourism” outreach to Manhattan was worth it.

Hard to see what if any impact the tourism push had, or does the weather dictate the usage?  Still very weird that we are down 6700+ over past 5 years.  Maybe the $12 cost adds up?  Same ticket to the Rockaways costs $5.00 for a round trip metro card vs $22 for LB, that $17 is a dinner and beer.

Year       June         July         August    TOTAL
2014     11,011  17,307  18,966  47,284
2013     10,139  21,606  16,029  47,774
2012     9,264     21,904  17,356  48,524
2011     6,318     32,384  11,830  50,532
2010     7,834     26,683  19,531  54,048
PLEASE NOTE: These are only the numbers of people who bought the package and not overall tourists. Also, August 2011 we had a big rain storm, followed by Hurricane Irene.