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Long Beach NY Rising Meeting

Community members of Long Beach are encouraged to attend a public information meeting on November 7, 2013, to hear a presentation about – and provide feedback on – the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program conceptual plan.
When: Thursday, November 7, 2013 from 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Where: Long Beach Public Library, 111 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY 11561
Who: The Long Beach NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program Planning Committee
Contact: Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery, info@stormrecovery.ny.gov
Community members are also encouraged to take a brief survey available athttp://stormrecovery.ny.gov/nyrcr/community/city-long-beach.
The New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program is one of several Storm Recovery Initiatives and was established to provide additional rebuilding and revitalization assistance to communities severely damaged by Superstorm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. To facilitate community redevelopment planning and the resilience of Communities, New York State has established the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program. For additional information, please visit http://stormrecovery.ny.gov/community-reconstruction-program.

Dune Grass Planting Events [Long Beach Listens!]

The Long Beach City Council invites you to join the community “Comeback Crew” for Dune Grass Planting Events!


on the beach at the end of Roosevelt Blvd

Saturday, October 26th at 1 PM

Sunday, October 27th at 10 AM


Sign-in on the beach at the end of New York, Ohio, and Tennessee Avenues

Saturday, November 2nd at 12 PM

Sunday, November 3rd at 10 AM

Volunteers of all ages are encouraged to come out and lend a hand in protecting & revitalizing Long Beach. Dress appropriately and please bring your work gloves and broom handles if available.

LB Dune Building Event 102213

SAVE THE BAY DAY [Long Beach Listens]

Saturday, May 18, 2013 |10:00Am – 1:00PM

775 Park Place – Corner of Riverside Blvd. and Park Pl.

(Adjacent to the “Rescue Ink” Animal Shelter)

RSVP here or to sandyvolunteers@longbeachny.gov
Debris cleanup along the bay area – Help rebuild the City of Long Beach

Join the Long Beach Comeback Crew and help “Save the Bay,” where volunteers rebuild the City of Long Beach and help get our community back on its feet in the months following Hurricane Sandy. We will be cleaning up debris along the bay area—please bring your work gloves. Residents and visitors of all ages are encouraged to come out and lend a hand in revitalizing Long Beach one block at a time!


West End vs. East End, East End Neighbors Association, Long Beach Listens, Broken Window Theory

Just like the East Coast–West Coast hip hop rivalry of the 90’s, Long Beach has its own little east/west war. Generally speaking, some East Enders I’ve heard from feel that their part of town is ignored by City Hall, while the West End gets all the milk, cookies and toys they want. In some ways, they are right; for such a small area of Long Beach, the West End does get a lot of attention, but there’s a reason for that.

It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, right?

Sure, you can say that, but the folks in the West End work hard to achieve that ‘grease.’ They organize, mobilize, communicate and vocalize (see WENCA & WEBA). They don’t just stand on a soapbox bitching and complaining, “this town sucks.” They make the effort to things done.

Not to get into any details, but I was at a West End Beautification Association (WEBA) meeting last night and witnessed this enthusiasm firsthand. Various topics were discussed – all involving ways to make the West End a safer, cleaner and more pleasant place to live and visit. I sat there quietly observing.. thinking of all the issues we have in the East End, wondering if a similar meeting would ever take place over there as well.

Any grease left over for us squeaky East Enders?

Several years ago there was talk of an East End Neighbors Association. I was asked to be involved. I wasn’t sure what my role was, besides blogging about it. The founder had a website, a logo, t-shirts (store still online) and an article in the LB Herald. I was somewhat ready for the ride, but then the association dissolved overnight. Not to get into details, but the founder decided to leave Long Beach.

Life in the East End went on. I haven’t heard of any new development for a new East End Neighbors. What the heck is the East End anyways? East of Long Beach Blvd, right? What about central Long Beach, the West Holme section? Or the Canals? Walks? North Park? Are the Presidents considered East End? They are east of me, so can I call them The East East End? Should I wait to do anything until an East End Organization gets sorted out?

So what’s my point? Well, I often find myself using this blog as a soapbox where I complain about many things: dog poop on my lawn, garbage, cars going through stop signs, bad food restaurants, ugly stuff being built, etc. I blog to create some conversation, but I never really do anything about it in real life. After the WEBA meeting I realized how I should break out of my shy shell and actually use my voice. Like, actually say something; make phone calls; speak up when I don’t like something or when I want something done. Sure, us folks in the Non-West End aren’t as organized as those in the West, but we can still get things done if we squeak loud enough.

Of course the city gave us Long Beach Listens, which is a perfect chance for all to make our voices heard. North Park residents certainly made sure of that a few weeks ago, and there are still a few more of these meetings left:

Back in March, guest writer Mary Ellen of WEBA wrote about the Broken Windows Theory in her article Death of a Hero.  Mary Ellen explains the theory as the following:

“a broken window, left unrepaired shows that no one cares so when the next person breaks the next window it seems a bit less terrible because the level of neglect has already been established. It becomes easier and easier to continue into criminality and blight because each successive transgression, while seemingly harmless in and off itself becomes a growing pattern of neglect for which no one feels responsible but for which everyone is responsible. The theory asserts that the solution lies in being intolerant of the “smallest illegalities” If arresting a single drunk on West Beech Street, fining a dog walker who doesn’t scoop the poop or every store owner who ignores sanitation codes seems harsh, failure to do anything about the mounting number of people who continue to flaunt the laws can destroy an entire community.

Quite frankly, Taking care of your community is contagious. When I go home later I’m going to pick up all the garbage around my house. I will do the same tomorrow and the day after that. Hopefully my neighbors will watch me, do the same and it will spread like a virus.

NEWSDAY: Jack is saving us $$$$ (Opinion: The New Gang is Listening and Talking)

[Jack] Schnirman sent a memo to the city’s department heads last Wednesday asking each to cut 25 percent in nonsalary lines from what remains of their current fiscal year budget — and to do it by the following day. The city’s fiscal year ends June 30.

“If you cannot reach your targets, I will instruct the comptroller to reduce your department’s budget to meet the target,” the memo read.

Head over to Newsday and read the rest of the article :  Long Beach dept. heads cut nonsalary costs.

Of course not everybody believes that our city is doing enough or anything at all. There are also those who think Long Beach isn’t in a fiscal crisis in the first place [Head over to the LB Patch Blogs if you don’t know what I’m talking about]. I am not going to argue that issue with anybody because it’s all a matter of opinion that does nothing, but make people fight like a bunch of little kids in a school playground.

I will say this: I feel that The New Gang is doing an excellent job communicating with us residents directly and through the media. You can call it ‘political propaganda’, but I don’t recall the last administration even putting once ounce of effort in communicating with us – besides those tainted LB City Beats. The New Gang wants our feedback; they are meeting with us and are encouraging resident participation (Long Beach Listens &  Citizen Budget Advisory Commission). To me, that means a lot. It makes me feel like I have some power and a voice. I like that.



City Launches Citizen Budget Advisory Commission [PRESS RELEASE]

March 23rd, 2012

Long Beach, NY – The City of Long Beach has announced that it is forming a Citizen Budget Advisory Commission. Earlier in the week, City officials informed residents of a $10.25 million inherited deficit brought on by the prior administration’s fiscal mismanagement. “As we tackle this fiscal crisis, it is important to remember that, as neighbors, these issues affect all of us – we are all in it together,” states City Council President Fran Adelson.

“In keeping with our pledge of transparency, and under the banner of Long Beach Listens, we would like to include all Long Beach residents in the process of putting our finances on the road to recovery,” says City Council Vice President Len Torres. “We are inviting everyone to participate in the Citizens Budget Advisory Commission. All you have to do is use the convenient form on our website (longbeachny.org) to send in recommendations for cost savings”

Residents are encouraged to send all cost-savings initiatives and ideas via email to citymanager@longbeachny.org or to City Hall at 1 West Chester Street in Long Beach. If you are mailing or dropping off your form, please note on the envelope that it concerns the Citizen Budget Advisory Commission.

Minutes from Long Beach Listens: East End Edition (March 21st)

So I introduce myself to the Newsday reporter. She asks me a few questions about the blog, but I tell her how I’m at the meeting as a resident and not a blogger – thus no pen, paper or laptop with me. Well, that didn’t last. Two minutes into the meeting I whip out my iphone and start typing on the tiny virtual keyboard as fast as I can – so sorry if I missed anything specific.

So without further ado, here are my minutes of the LONG BEACH LISTENS: EAST END EDITION

City Manager Jack Schnirman starts the meeting by talking about the current budget & fiscal crisis. He didn’t go into it too much and said how all the info was available on the city’s website. He skipped ahead and said how they’re looking for feedback from the rsidents on what the city can do to save money. Feedback forms are available at City Hall (So go there if you think you are Warren Buffett).

LADY: Wants Harding Avenue in the presidents section to be repaved. She also said that there is a car left in the same spot for a long time. Wants to know if it can be towed.

Michael Tangney, Police Commissioner: Responds – Cars left in same spot for two weeks can be towed.  “We are here to help. That is our new motto”. (about 20 minutes later Mr. Tangney informed the lady that the car was indeed towed during the meeting. That was followed by lots of applause.”)

MAN: Spoke about the current City Council being great communicating with us residents. One person can make a difference. Quality of life / pride in community, etc.

LADY: Wants parking meters in business district and had questions about  illegal housing (I couldn’t hear what her exact issue was).

City Manager Jack Schnirman announced The City was gonna get $1.1 million in FEMA reimbursements, but doesn’t know when we will receive the money.  He said it should be sometime after July.

Then Jack said that he wants our feedback on parking meters; the city might explore that issue in the upcoming weeks.

Scott J. Mandel (City Council Member): Spoke about the illegal housing issue. Said “Everyone is entitled to due process.”

Michael Tangney, Police Commissioner: On illegal housing –  Call the police department about the illegal apartments and it will go to the top of the list. They will investigate anonymous complaints.

LADY: on illegal housing –  How do people know they are living in an illegal house? Renters might not know.

Len Torres (City Council Vice President): We have to depend in folks telling us they are illegal.

LADY: Wants parking meters. I mean, she really wants parking meters. “We have to stop subsidizing parking. Statistics
have shown that you will have better parking with meters.”

(The crowd goes wild)  “I DON’T WANT SOMEBODY PARKING IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE” yelled some lady in the distance.

LADY: Concerned about no crosswalks on Monroe  & Chester intersection, especially after the buses drop kids off. She was also concerned with the intersection of Park Ave and Long Beach Blvd. She said how she was told from a person at City Hall that the city doesn’t want people to cross there because it’s dangerous.

DIFFERENT LADY: The director of the Magnolia Senior Center retired and she was wondering when they are going to get a replacement.

City Manager Jack Schnirman responded: There will be a replacement and smooth transition.



LADY: Pissed about Decobikes. She said they poured cement on the median at Lafayette & Hudson for a bike Kiosk. “This is a residential area”.

(The crowd goes wild) “WHAT’S NEXT? A PIZZA PLACE AT MY HOUSE?” yelled some lady in the distance. (like our Taco Stand post).

Fran Adelson (City Council President) We stopped the work. We (current admin) never saw the locations of the kiosks. We were completely surprised by this too.

Fran added that the contract calls for 17 Bike Kiosk locations around the city, but the contract was signed on December 5th, 2011 for five years. They are locked into a contract. They did make a proposal to eliminate the kiosks in residential areas and that will be done. All kiosks will be in commercial areas.

James LaCarrubba (Commissioner of Public Works): “They [cement workers] didn’t ask where the utilities are. That was reason enough to stop the work. They could have hit a water main or gas line.”

(The crowd goes wild). “NOBODY KNEW ABOUT IT” yelled some lady in the distance.

Mr. Lacarrubba added: They put four slabs in around the city and they will be taken out.

LADY: Questioned Decobikes experience running a bike rental business. Said she did research and they [DecoBikes] are only a year old. “Are we getting billboards around our town like what they did in Miami?” Then she told us to express all our anger towards former City Manger Theofan and former Council-press Sofield, Jr. since it was their deal in the first place.

City Manager Jack Schnirman said he would love to know if a study was made as far as using this rental system, as well as the locations of bike kiosks.

Len Torres (City Council Vice President): Never saw a contract until after December. Said the damage to the property has to be restored. He said the city was looking into installing bike lanes last year. They knew they need 3 feet to accommodate room for the lanes – some blvds can accommodate this. The Bike Kiosks will be in locations such as the boardwalk, LIRR, Post office, etc-  commercial areas.

Fran Adelson (City Council President) added: We will post info asap on website as to what the new plan will be.

LADY: asking about who is gonna pay for the cement removal and putting the grass back.

James LaCarrubba (Commissioner of Public Works): We are gonna make them [DecoBikes)] pay.

(The crowd goes wild.)

LADY: complained about  sink holes that have been on her street for 8 years – Belmont to  Cleveland on E. Walnut Street. She also said that the walkway at Pacific Blvd Beach needs to be repaired. And would love to see some benches at that beach too.

LADY: (many issues) wants recycling bins and said that there are cars going down one way streets. She also said she wants “resident only” parking stickers. Has issues with cars parking in front of her house. Said they are from businesses on Long Beach Blvd.

LADY: “Park Avenue needs bike racks.” She is tired of locking her bike up to a tree. She also said the city should allow food stands at the superblock. Said the city can make a lot of money from this during the summer.

LADY: Wants recycling bins for newspaper at the LIRR. People started getting angry telling her that it’s an MTA issue and she has to call them.

MAN: Reminding everyone about the Memorial Day Parade.

LADY: Dog waste and garbage is a big problem. Wants to know how to get those “Dog waste stations” like on Pacific blvd to be installed around town in more locations. She also wants more garbage cans too. Says she is embarrassed by how dirty this town is and she is constantly cleaning her property. She is also worried about this garbage going in ocean.

She also said that automobiles are going through stop signs and was asking the police commissioner if they can police the streets more or come up with a plan to stop these cars from speeding.

Michael Tangney, Police Commissioner City gives out 5000 tickets a year for moving violations. They will respond and are working to make the streets safer.

LADY: Said people shouldn’t ride bikes on the sidewalk over on National Blvd.

LADY/MAN/LADY/MAN: Issue over a grassy area that the city installed over at the canals. They said when the city redid the Bulkheads, the new grassy area is not maintained and turned into the neighborhood dog park. Lots of poop and it smells. They are looking for it to be cleaned up. “We want it restored to the way it was.”

The man made a comment how the chain link fence the city installed makes it look like the Bronx – at that point the place went nuts.

“DON’T TALK ABOUT THE BRONX LIKE  THAT  ….   MORE LIKE QUEENS” yelled some lady in the distance.

—- THE END —-

That’s it. The meeting ended at 9pm. Kudos to our Police Commissioner, Public Works Commissioner, City Manager and  City Council for coming out. Especially Council President Fran Adelson for creating LONG BEACH LISTENS. I really think it’s an absolutely brillant idea; one which I hope won’t go away.


Press Release: City Announces Long Beach Listens Schedule

Long Beach, NY – City Council President Fran Adelson has pledged to offer Long Beach residents a far more open and transparent government.  To this end, she, along with City Council Vice President Len Torres and the rest of the City Council, will be hosting meetings throughout the community under the banner of Long Beach Listens.

Occurring at a different location every month, Long Beach Listens provides residents with an unprecedented opportunity to meet and communicate with City officials like never before.  Below is a list of dates and locations for upcoming meetings:


Date    Time               Location

3/21     7:30pm            St. Mary of the Isle (315 East Walnut Street)

4/4       7:30pm            MLK Center (615 Riverside Boulevard)

5/30     7:30pm            Young Israel (120 Long Beach Boulevard)

6/27     7:30pm            TBD (High-Rise Area)

7/11     7:30pm            TBD (Westholme Section)

The inaugural meeting took place on Monday, February 20 at the West End Community Center with more than 70 residents attending.  A wide array of topics was discussed, including the inherited fiscal crisis, traffic, and bicycle safety. City Council President Fran Adelson and Vice President Len Torres were joined by Council Member Scott J. Mandel, City Manager Jack Schnirman, and Acting Police Commissioner Michael Tangney. Further details concerning future Long Beach Listens meetings, including times and locations, will be posted on the City’s website and social media pages in the coming weeks.

LB Listens Monday at the West End Community Center

CITY NEWS: City Council President Fran Adelson has vowed to offer Long Beach residents a far more open and transparent government.  To this end, she, along with City Council Vice President Len Torres and the rest of the City Council, will be hosting meetings throughout the community under the banner of Long Beach Listens.

Occurring at a different location every month, Long Beach Listens will provide residents with an unprecedented opportunity to meet and communicate with City officials like never before.  The inaugural meeting will transpire on Monday, February 20 beginning at 7:30pm in the West End Community Center. Upcoming meetings will be taking place in the East End, North Park, and virtually every other section of the community.

Further details concerning future Long Beach Listens meetings, including times and locations, will be posted on the City’s website and social media pages in the coming weeks.

Source – City of Long Beach: LB Listens Monday at the West End Community Center