Long Beach Local View videos. Is anybody watching? [Oh Boy… ]

Do it right or don’t bother. That’s my motto when it comes to these “Long Beach Local View” videos. What videos am I talking about? Exactly.

Initiated by the City of Long Beach Economic Development Team, “Long Beach Local View” is a video series that spotlights local businesses [All the videos are here: LONG BEACH LOCAL VIEW].

I’m not complaining about the videos themselves (production is great) or the amazing businesses that are highlighted. My problem is with distribution. Most of you don’t know about these videos because the city is doing a terrible job sharing them. Posting them on the city’s Facebook page isn’t enough and it’s really not my job to seek this kinda stuff out so I can ‘SHARE’ it on my lackadaisy Facebook page. There should have been a wide distribution on the city’s part to make sure the goals of these videos are met. That did not happen.  As I write this article, the views for each are as follows: Continue reading “Long Beach Local View videos. Is anybody watching? [Oh Boy… ]”