LB Medical Campus getting 40 out of 170?

“South Nassau Communities Hospital is proposing to spend $40 million of $170 million in potential federal and state reimbursements on a medical arts pavilion in Long Beach and the remainder on an expansion at its Oceanside campus.”

Read the entire article at Newsday:  South Nassau Communities Hospital proposes $40M of $170M for Long Beach

What a great investment for South Nassau Community Hospital. They really played their cards right on this one. I don’t remember how much Sandy damage they had in Oceanside, but oh boy are they benefiting from our loss here in LB by their purchase. I guess at this point, we are lucky to get anything.

I was talking to a local business owner recently regarding the impact this has been on our downtown.  With LB Med gone, so many jobs have been lost. These are people who would eat lunch at our restaurants, shop at our stores. All gone. I do hope this proposed-Arts Pavilion at least comes into fruition, but yeah we need some industry here in LB if we really want to help out downtown out. Just my opinion.


Huffington Post article on the Long Beach Medical Center

Huffington Post:  After Superstorm Sandy, a Community Cries Out for Its Hospital

longbeachmedicalcenter“Building a new hospital in Long Beach — as FEMA intended when it allocated $154 million for that purpose — will lead the country as a venue for new modalities of care for survivors of catastrophes. It is an opportunity that FEMA, the New York State Department of Health, and South Nassau Communities Hospital cannot afford to ignore. 

“We needed our hospital before Sandy. We need it even more now. We are diminished without it,” said Father King at the recent health care forum held at Long Beach city hall. “It wouldn’t just be bad, it would be wrong for the people of Long Beach to emerge from this crisis impoverished, and for the South Nassau brand to some out of this enriched — or, as they say, “enhanced” — at our expense.” [LINK]

Public forum on the future of the Long Beach Medical Center [April 13th]

longbeachmedicalcenterDear Fellow Community Members,

I am pleased to announce that I will be hosting the New York State Department of Health (“DOH”) at a public forum on the future of the Long Beach Medical Center (“LBMC”). South Nassau Communities Hospital (“SNCH”) has also agreed to participate in the forum in Long Beach on April 13.

This forum was scheduled in response to my letter to the DOH, sent on February 16, requesting a public forum that is mandated by law to be held when a hospital closes.

I believe this discussion will allow for officials and SNCH to hear directly from residents affected by the closing of LBMC and the subsequent lack of vital medical services on the Barrier Island.

I encourage you all to attend and share your concerns so that our voices can be heard.

Todd Kaminsky
Assemblyman, 20th District

Where: Long Beach City Hall, 6th Floor
When: April 13, 2015 at 7 p.m.

South Nassau’s Long Beach Medical Arts Pavilion

“South Nassau is considering construction of a two-story, 30,000-square-foot Medical Arts Pavilion on the Long Beach campus site. The building could house services such as a dialysis center, behavioral health, radiology and medical imaging services, same-day ambulatory surgical center and family medicine. [LINK]

It’s supposed to also include a 24/7 emergency department. Check out the video here: Animated fly-over of proposed Medical Arts Pavilion


Long Beach Must Have A Hospital [Guest Author]

Over the last few days there have been some significant actions in support of Long Beach having a full-service Hospital.

The letter below from the City Council to the South Nassau CEO states that a series of public forums is overdue and necessary to hear Community input.

Additionally,  is a link to a Long Beach Herald article that comments on Todd Kaminski’s communication with the New York State Health Commissioner requesting a public forum. [LINK]

And, the Beach-to-Bay Central Council (BBCC) issued a Mission Statement that calls for a full-service Hospital, under new management, with 120 beds, to be built in Long Beach with FEMA funds.

Our demands that “Long Beach Must Have A Hospital” need to be voiced by our entire Community. Let’s all rally around these recent actions.

-Edward Glister


What do folks think of the Public Safety report that was presented at the last City Council Meeting?

Due to the uncertainty of the Long Beach Medical Center, the City hired a consulting firm to evaluate our safety/emergency needs. All this info was presented at the January 13th City Council Meeting and also posted on the official city website.  What do you folks think of all this? 

From Long Beach: “Did you miss the ICMA Center for Public Safety Management presentation on Long Beach Emergency Medical Services Tuesday night? Don’t worry, here are some key excerpts from the presentation.You can find a link to the full report, as well as Tuesday’s presentation here:

ICMA_Report_Excerpts_Page_1 ICMA_Report_Excerpts_Page_2

Responding to South Nassau Community Hospital letter

Yesterday, South Nassau Community Hospital (SNCH) sent a letter to Long Beach residences describing their plans to establish an Emergency facility in Long Beach. But, they indicated they were considering establishing other hospital facilities, using FEMA funds, to be located “elsewhere”.

At last night’s City Council meeting three LB residents voiced deep dissatisfaction with the possibility that FEMA funds could be used “elsewhere”, to the potential detriment of Long Beach.

The City Council members were similarly agitated, consistent with their prior support for a Long Beach-located hospital.

If you support a full-service Long Beach hospital, contact SNCH and NYS politicians to demand the exclusive use of FEMA funds for a Long Beach situated hospital. And, ask your local civic group to voice its support to the City Council on this issue.

Ed Glister. 917-312-1219. 80 Oregon St


“South Nassau will build an emergency department from scratch on the hospital grounds or at a site more centrally located in Long Beach” (Speculation, Demolition, Relocation)

In a recent Newsday article regarding the future of the Long Beach Medical Center:

“One option is to locate it in the former emergency department in the west wing, he said. If that proves too expensive, South Nassau will build an emergency department from scratch on the hospital grounds or at a site more centrally located in Long Beach.” [LINK]

A site more centrally located in Long Beach? Let the speculation begin! Will the current hospital site be sold to a condo developer, while a small emergency department opens somewhere central Park Avenue? And just where on Park Avenue could they be talking about?

1779170_669793586450701_1977997261705821628_nWell, there is that old Sunrise Center building across from Lancer.  What about a possible redevelopment of the Waldbaums Center? (Oh, one can dream, but most unlikely.) Sunrise Center seems possible, being that it’s been vacant for years with no real movement on that front.

The current medical center site is not flood proof/FEMA compliant. Why spend money there if it can be flood again? I highly doubt that building can be raised, so obviously change is eminent. Being that it’s bay front, that property is very valuable for developers. Probably too valuable for a hospital. Probably too valuable for one family houses as well. Condos by the bay, perhaps?  hmm…..

Let’s start betting. What’s the over/under on this? (PLEASE NOTE: This is pure speculation)medicalcondo3