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New Jackson Hotel Rumor (…..a Convention Center? WHAAAT?)

A few days ago I wrote about the Jackson (405 E. Broadway, Long Beach, NY) being renovated into another hotel:

See the article @ Sea by The City – July 16th: The Jackson To Remain a Hotel?

Yesterday, the AOL-Owned LB Patch got into the act with similar, plus additional info: It will be called The Long Beach Hotel with “122 rooms with nightly rates between $169 to $189.”

See the article @AOL-Owned LB Patch – July 17th: New Hotel to Replace The Jackson

Today (July 18th) I have a new “rumor” that is waaay out there, but I’m gonna post it anyway. This rumor comes from the same person who first emailed me about the Jackson all the way back in June:

See the article @ Sea By The City – June 7th: Jackson Hotel Sold? Being Renovated? [RUMOR ALERT!])

The new rumor is the following:

..A dentist is turning it into a convention center of some kind with a hotel so people attending conventions can stay over.  Who knows how true this is but we’ll see. 

So a convention center, eh?  This new Long Beach Hotel obviously wouldn’t be the next Jacob Javits Center, but smaller convention rooms have many uses; including trade shows, toys and comics conventions, etc. Surf wear expo anyone? So take this one with a grain of salt.. it’s still a rumor.

What about parking? The Jackson currently has none with no room to spare. Things in the East End off of Lincoln Blvd are about to get interesting…..

Here are some renovation photos. Mattress anyone?